Where Are Ernest Remor, Trey Adams, and Jack Cannon Now?

In July 2011, the arrest of several members of a notorious diamond heist ring brought the curtains down on a crime spree that lasted more than a year. While Michael Young was considered the mastermind, Ernest Remor, Trey Adams, and Jack Cannon had specific roles in making the heists possible. ABC News’ ‘20/20: Diamonds Aren’t Forever’ focuses on how the authorities eventually uncovered the matter. So now, if you’re wondering where Ernest, Trey, and Jack might be today, here’s what we know.

Who Are Ernest Remor, Trey Adams, and Jack Cannon?

In December 2010, a brazen theft at a jewelry store in Portland, Oregon, had the authorities scrambling for answers. Months later, they learned that the person who fled the store with diamonds worth around $150,000 was Victor Lupis. Thankfully, he cooperated and told the police that Michael Young masterminded all the heists, and the others involved were Ernest Remor, Trey Adams, and Jack Cannon. But by the end of the investigation, the group had gone on to rob multiple stores across the country.

Trey Adams

Ernest was considered the second-in-command and had previously spent time in prison with Michael for trying (and failing) to steal diamonds. He played the role of a “hero stopper” and would try and hinder anyone who went after the thief. After the robbery, Ernest would fly to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to fence the stolen diamonds at a store there. He and Michael would usually spend their money on motorbikes or upgrading them.

Trey was usually the getaway driver and was adept at stealing cars. The vehicle would only be used for the getaway, after which the group would use another car, termed the “wash car,” to drive out of town safely. Finally, Jack was the runner, who, like Victor, would commit the actual crime. He was considered manipulative, and the police later found a website dedicated to him where women would talk about how much they hated him.

Jack was rather incredible at making people trust him and would even change his appearance from time to time to go undetected. One investigator even called him a part con man and part chameleon. He added, “The second he doesn’t shave for a day or two or puts on glasses or wears a hat, it changes people’s perception, and people don’t recognize him. That’s what was difficult about trying to identify Jack Cannon.”

The group committed its first heist in December 2009 in Sarasota, Florida. While Michael did the surveillance, Ernest was on the lookout, and Jack walked in pretending to be a customer. After he grabbed the diamonds and got out, Trey served as the getaway driver. According to Victor, at one point, Jack and Trey walked into a store and used a chihuahua as a distraction; they grabbed the diamonds and left the dog on the counter.

In July 2010, Jack and Trey walked into another jewelry store in Vero Beach, Florida, and used a stun gun on the owner before making off with inventory worth $100,000. Then, the following month, the two men stole a ring worth around $190,000 and escaped on jet skis arranged by Michael. It was reported that the skis broke down, and the Coast Guard had to help bring them back to shore.

The group had a close shave with the authorities after Jack left a fingerprint at a store in Tampa, Florida, when he stole diamonds worth $275,000. The police arrived at the crew’s doorstep but only arrested Jack. However, he made bail and took off, failing to appear in court. Then, Victor briefly worked as the runner with the group before Jack re-joined them. The crew then pulled off a heist in Las Vegas, Nevada, with the latter posing as someone looking to upgrade his wife’s ring for their anniversary.

In April 2011, Jack went to a jewelry store in Bend, Oregon, with a wine bottle in hand and told the manager he needed to buy his wife a present. But at an opportune moment, he got hold of the diamonds and fled. However, his fingerprint was found on the wine bottle. Apart from that, Jack was caught on camera buying the wine. The phone number on the business card he’d left behind was also traced back to them as it was from a prepaid phone from a local store, which surveillance showed Ernest had bought.

What Happened to Ernest Remor, Trey Adams, and Jack Cannon?

The crew was arrested in 2011, and in November 2014, Ernest was sentenced to serve ten years in prison for his part in the heists. He was released from behind bars in January 2020 and currently resides in Portland, seemingly still friends with Michael. According to his online presence, the Oregon resident was in a committed romantic relationship around early 2021, but his current status is unclear.

Jack Cannon

Trey was sentenced to serve seven years behind bars in January 2015. However, he was released after serving about half of his penalty in October 2018. He has since maintained a low profile, and his last known location remains Oregon. Finally, coming to Jack in June 2012, upon being convicted of robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery, he was sentenced to serve 30 years behind bars. He thus remains incarcerated at the maximum-security Wakulla Correctional Institution in Crawfordville, Florida, to this day. He will be eligible for release in June 2041.

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