Fitness Fanatics: Where is Floor is Lava’s Team Now?

Created by Megan McGrath and Irad Eyal, Netflix’s ‘Floor is Lava‘ is a reality series that takes a beloved childhood game to the next level. In teams of three, the participants must navigate a specially designed room in order to reach their destination. However, the task is far from simple as a single fall into the bubbling lava leads to your elimination from the round. In each episode, the top two teams get the opportunity to race against each other in a bid to mount the iconic Volcano and shut it off. The winning team gets to take home $10,000, and the Floor is Lava Lamp.

The third season of the show brought several new teams to try their luck at the adaptation of the classic game. One such group was the Fitness Fanatics, who beat the odds and laid claim to the offered prize. Their performance earned them many fans who are curious about their current whereabouts. If you are in the same boat, here is what we know about the same!

Fitness Fanatics’ Floor is Lava Journey

In the second episode of ‘Floor is Lava’ season 3, friends Frank, Max, and Joey entered the competition as Fitness Fanatics. The name for their team came from their mutual interest in fitness activities which brought the three together. For the first round of the competition, the trio had to navigate the area known as the Kid’s Room. In order to successfully complete the challenge, the trio needed to help each other out.

While navigating the room, the trio tried their best to not fall down. Unfortunately, during a swinging jump, Max lost his footing due to the slipperiness of his destination surface and ended up sinking into the lava. Determined to not let their teammate’s sacrifice go in vain, Joey and Frank coordinated with each other and were able to successfully compete in the course. While their competitors, the Latin Heat, were able to beat their score, the same could not be said for the Best Friends.

For the final round, Fitness Fanatics raced against the Latin Heat in order to reach the top of the volcano and place the three stones as intended. The competition was far from easy, and fortunately, the Fitness Fanatics were able to win it by a short margin. This allowed the three to lay claim to the prize and celebrate their win.

The Team Members of Fitness Fanatics Are Leading a Peaceful Life

Frank, Max, and Joey, the members of Fitness Fanatics, seem to be living their lives peacefully as of writing. Based in California, the three friends met each other due to shared interests and goals. Out of the three, Joey is a professional ballet dancer and used to be a part of a ballet school while living in Canada. He has since shifted to Los Angeles, California, where he met Frank and Max. The three are not much in the public’s eye but do seem to enjoy their roles as entertainers. We wish them the best in their lives and hope they have a wonderful future ahead.

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