Where Are Gunnar Evertsen and Hilmar Bertheussen Now?

Netflix’s ‘Mr. Good: Cop or Crook?’ is a four-part documentary series that delves deep into the life and crimes of once-renowned Norwegian police commander turned convicted felon Eirik Jensen. It thus incorporates everything from his early career to his personal life and from his connection with informant/hashish smuggler Gjermund Cappelen to his role in different gang members’ incarcerations. So now that we know both Gunnar Evertsen and Hilmar Bertheussen believe their convictions were a direct result of enticement at his hands, let’s find out more about them as well as their entire case, shall we?

Who Are Gunnar Evertsen and Hilmar Bertheussen?

Neither Gunnar nor Hilmar has ever claimed they were an epitome of innocence, especially considering their involvement in Mob the North, yet they do think they got caught for all the wrong reasons. In fact, while the leader of the most talk-about gang in Norway back in the 1990s said in the docuseries, “I’ve been a goddamn criminal my whole life,” the crucial member admitted he too dealt in a lot of drugs (dope as well as amphetamine) in his past. The one thing they have both always vehemently denied, though, is initiating the 13-kilo amphetamine import from Holland in 1993 — the “Plane Drop” case.

Hilmar Bertheussen

As per the documentary, Gjermund went to his handler Eirik in complete shock one day, asserting that members of the Mob had threatened him into setting up a quick, big deal from The Netherlands. He reportedly had to follow through, especially as it would allow the officials to set up a damning sting operation, but Gunnar maintains that this event version “is, to put it mildly, incorrect.” The former leader insists it was actually Gjermund who’d sought them out, knocking at his doorstep and offering to arrange good-quality amphetamine for him, so they drove out the next day.

“As soon as we got there,” Gunnar said in the Netflix original, “Gjermund started working on the amphetamine deal. I don’t think it took more than an hour before the bag was in our room… I checked the merchandise, and the quality was good, but we had no transport… Yet oddly enough, it sorted itself out. Oddly enough, the pilot reached out to me [to make the trip back].” It was then that the narcotics were dropped between Lillesand and Grimstad mid-flight, where the police were ready and waiting to film the trafficking, leading to a majority of the Mob of the North getting cleaned up.

Where Are Gunnar Evertsen and Hilmar Bertheussen Today?

Gunnar received a heavy 15-year sentence for amphetamine smuggling, whereas Hilmar was given 8½ years behind bars for his role in the same (he only served around five years and 11 months). Since then, however, the duo have been trying their best to get acquitted on the grounds of illegal police provocation — they contend they never would’ve committed this crime if not directly enticed. Gunnar actually described their viewpoint on the whole matter in the series, stating, “The cops got keener on getting rid of us. They initiated what would later be known as the ‘Plane Drop’ case.”

Gunnar Evertsen

The now Komagfjord village resident declared, “Here’s a group of policemen (involving Eirik) planning to hire another criminal (Gjermund) to sell me amphetamine so they can arrest me. The Norwegian police have no right to go to Holland to sell amphetamine, just like I have no right to go there to buy it. But that they’re the police really makes it worse, right? Because they’re the ones [who planned] this crime, not me.” Moreover, Gunnar and Hilmar had tried to alert the authorities of Gjermund as well as his contacts in the Oslo department in 2010, yet their allegations weren’t heeded.

Every appeal, request for a retrial in the hopes of acquittal, and other legal steps taken by the duo have been dismissed, meaning that they are currently just trying to move on in life to the best of their abilities. From what we can tell, today, while Gunnar is a bike enthusiast through and through, Hilmar has managed to make a good home for himself and his family in the town of Vardø, Finnmark County, by working as a king crab fisher. It appears as if they’ve left their career of crime and drug abuse behind.

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