Where are Guzmán and Ander? Did Miguel Bernardeau and Arón Piper Leave Elite?

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The fifth season of Netflix’s teen show ‘Elite’ depicts the aftermath of Armando’s murder. After going through a traumatic experience that nearly killed her, Ari meets Samuel and the two of them resume their relationship. Benjamín’s fate hangs by a thread when Mencía finds out a SIM card that connects her father with Armando. Samuel, to protect his best friend and Benjamín, confesses to killing Armando, astounding everyone at Las Encinas. As the season progresses, portraying another engrossing mystery, one can’t help but notice the absence of Guzmán Nunier and Ander Muñoz among the students. Where are they? Did Miguel Bernardeau and Arón Piper depart from the Spanish show? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Where are Guzmán and Ander?

Guzmán and Ander are traveling around the world. In the fourth season of the show, Guzmán starts to date Ari, who is also involved with Samuel. Ari’s interest in Samuel severely hurts him. Meanwhile, Ari comes to know that Armando has been abusing her sister Mencía. Ari confronts him, only to get hurt. Witnessing the same, Guzmán chases down Armando and kills him with a flare gun. Armando’s death returns to Guzmán as traumas. He realizes that he should get away from Las Encinas to free his mind and find solace. Furthermore, he understands that Ari loves Samuel and he needs to step away from her life for his best friend.

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Traveling across the world becomes an appealing option for Guzmán. He must have also visited his ex-girlfriend Nadia Shanaa, who is studying in New York, during his expedition. Guzmán doesn’t want Armando’s death to affect him more than it already does mentally and chooses to stay on the road. Ander also joins Guzmán in his long journey. He always wanted to go on a long adventure but initially decides against it because of his relationship with Omar. However, Omar realizes his partner’s aspiration and allows him to accompany Guzmán. They decide to pursue a long-distance relationship after Omar assures Ander that he will wait for him.

Did Miguel Bernardeau and Arón Piper Leave Elite?

Yes, Miguel Bernardeau and Arón Piper did leave ‘Elite’ ahead of the fifth season. In July 2021, Bernardeau announced his departure and expressed his gratitude to the crew of the show. “Hey, this is Miguel Bernardeau, and for those who have already watched the finale of Elite Season 4, I wanted to say goodbye and send you a big hug,” he shared. “I wanted to say thank you to all the Elite team, the production, the direction, to my castmates, those who are still here and those who aren’t, I’ll always have you in my heart and it’s been an immense pleasure working with you,” the actor added.

Even though Bernardeau or Netflix hasn’t explicitly stated the reason behind his exit from the show, the actor likely left to pursue other exciting projects. Bernardeau appears in HBO Max’s ‘Dafne and the Rest,’ ‘Playa Negra,’ and ‘La última’ in pivotal capacities. The actor is also a part of the cast of ‘1899,’ an upcoming show from the creators of ‘Dark.’ Arón Piper also announced his exit from the show in July 2021, without stating the reason explicitly.

“For me, being in Elite has been an enormous journey, very long, very hard, but very enriching to be honest. And a chance, a whole new world was opened for us in the cast… like a family,” Piper shared. “The last sequence I filmed was devastating. I cried like a little boy. A chapter ends but another one is starting,” he added. After his exit from the show, Piper appears in ‘Once Upon a Time in Euskadi’ and ‘Proyecto Emperador.’

Although Bernardeau and Piper did leave the teen drama, the narrative of the show can accommodate Guzmán and Ander in the future, leaving a potential gateway for the actors to return. If the two friends decide to put an end to their journey and return to Las Encinas, we may see the reappearance of the beloved actors.

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