Where are Heather Elvis’ Parents Now?

‘Disappeared in the Darkness: An ID Mystery,’ discusses at length the missing case of Heather Davis, a 20-year-old who went missing in December 2013. The aftermath of the event has seen various events unfold, but what has not yet been answered is—where is Heather? Tammy and Sidney Moorer are now behind bars for the kidnapping of Heather Elvis. However, they have not yet revealed details of where she can be found, dead, or alive. Thus, her parents and family continue to live with her memories. 

Who are Heather Elvis’ Father and Mother?

Heather Elvis is the oldest daughter of Debbie and Terry Elvis. They let her move out of home to Carolina Forest to pursue her career and interests. The couple is often moved to tears when talking about their daughter. The last Terry heard from his daughter is the day before she went missing. In an attempt to get over her relationship with Sidney Moorer, she had gone on a date with Steven Schiraldi. She had sent a picture of driving his truck to her father. After this, all her parents’ calls began going to voicemail. Their struggle for justice has been an incredibly difficult one. 

They have also faced their fair share of difficulties as the case gained national popularity. They were even subjected to the negative criticism of interested sleuths who had their own theories. In a segment in 2019, when talking about the online attention they received on the case, Terry said that while some of them were positive, many were quite negative. The couple also had to file a case when two men came up to him in his parking lot, threatening him. They told him that they had Heather, and Morgan, their youngest daughter, would be next. 

Even the case trials were nothing short of a surprise for them as the case panned out for several years, especially when Tammy and Sidney Moorer were let go and allowed to go to Florida in pursuit of jobs. Later, when Tammy Moorer was convicted, Debbie Elvis said, “She has been convicted, and we can say that. So, now I am asking. Anything she has said, anything she has done, anything that anybody knows…anything that might help us find Heather, please come forward to the police.” They even conducted a fifth-anniversary vigil in Peachtree Landing, where Heather’s presence was last traced to. After Sidney Moorer was convicted, Terry Elvis said, “You can call it kidnapping, like it’s a one-and-done thing. It’s not, it’s everything. Six years, it hasn’t gone away.” 

Where are Debbie and Terry Elvis Now?

The two have separate Facebook pages, which show that they have still not gotten over the heartfelt parting of their daughter. There seems to be some kind of hope about finding closure in their missing daughter’s case. 

Debbie Elvis’ cover page is a poster of her daughter that she put up in 2014. She seems to have committed to faith-based on all of her posts. She recently posted about a blood donation drive as part of their church. The various posts on her timeline still show the loss she suffered due to her untimely disappearance. 

Terry Elvis, on the other hand, hasn’t posted anything since 2015. The last post he made was about a petition that sought to remove Judge Markley from the case due to the inconvenience it caused them to travel a long distance and be part of the trial, affecting their daily lives.

In any case, the parents still struggle to really accept that their daughter is gone. 

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