Where Are Jennifer, Jessica, and Julia Pelletier Now?

Peacock’s compelling docuseries ‘The Battle for Justina Pelletier’ delves into the experiences of the Pelletier family, who were compelled to fight a lengthy legal war against the Boston Children’s Hospital for taking away their youngest child, Justina. As the teenager remained confined for almost 1.5 years by the hospital, her frantic parents ran from post to post to get her back. Apart from Justina and her parents, the docuseries also features the touching accounts of her three sisters, Jennifer, Jessica, and Julia, who were deeply affected by everything that transpired. So, if you wish to know more about them and how they are doing today, we’ve got you covered.

Who Are Jennifer, Jessica, and Julia Pelletier?

Born in 1984, Jennifer Pelletier is the eldest child of Linda and Lou Pelletier. Just like her mother, she fell in love with ice skating at a young age and set foot on the rink when she was barely eighteen months old. Jennifer was a strong and active girl throughout her childhood and loved to swim. But once she turned 13, she entirely focused on being a competitive figure skater and began preparing for the same. Hence, she participated in numerous training camps and competitions, winning several medals and trophies.

Jennifer Pelletier

As the extensive training was hampering her studies, Jennifer turned to homeschooling and graduated high school early in the fall of 2001. Eventually, she started working the desk at the local Champions Skating Center and trained her sisters. Her second sister, Jessica, was born in 1988 and shares a close connection with their mother, Linda. Before Justina, she was also diagnosed with mitochondrial syndrome and struggled with her health in her formative years.

Hence, Dr. Korson, the former chief of metabolism at Tufts Hospital, Boston, prescribed Jessica a vitamin cocktail, which helped her manage her symptoms better. In the documentary, she fondly describes her youngest sister as a kind-hearted child who was never mean and hated conflict. Not just that, when Justina was taken to the Boston Children’s Hospital in February 2013, it was Jessica who accompanied their father to help get her discharged.

Jessica Pelletier

Jessica vividly shares in the documentary how scared she felt when the hospital authorities refused to let them take her sister back. Linda and Lou’s third daughter is Julia, born in 1994. Given the vast age gap between her and her elder siblings, she always felt closer to Justina, who is four years younger than her. From accompanying the latter on her first day on the school bus to taking her to the beach, Julia was always affectionate to her little sister. Nevertheless, she shared that she was the closest to her eldest sister Jennifer, who trained her in figure skating.

In everything that happened with Justina, her sisters fully supported their parents and believed they had done their best to provide them four with the best care and facilities. Jennifer, Jessica, and Julia significantly contributed to the mass campaigns to bring their kid sister home. Interestingly, Jennifer spoke to media outlets and shared how she noticed a swelling in Justina’s feet while in the hospital. She firmly believed that her sibling’s health had deteriorated in the 16 months she stayed away from them.

Julia Pelletier

Thus, Jennifer helped Justina share a call for help by secretly filming a video of her at the Wayside Youth and Family Support Network, a residential facility in Framingham, Massachusetts. The latter was sent there for a rehabilitation program from the Boston Children’s Hospital. Jennifer shared the video online, which was crucial in garnering public attention to Justina’s condition. Through the collective efforts of her parents, sisters, and supporters, the teenager was finally sent home by the court in June 2014.

What Happened to Jennifer, Jessica, and Julia Pelletier?

Image Credit: Jessica Pelletier/Facebook

Once Justina returned home, her sisters dedicated themselves to helping her readjust to her daily routine. While the teenager mainly depends on her mother for her primary care, Jennifer helps her communicate with visitors and friends. In 2021, Justina had a stroke that affected her energy levels and verbal skills. Thus, even in the documentary, Jennifer accompanies her during her interview and helps her articulate better. On the work front, the former is now an Ice Skating Coach at Champions Skating Center in Cromwell, Connecticut.

Meanwhile, Jessica is a broker who works with her father at his firm, Pelletier Senior Planning Academy. It specializes in medicare and retirement planning for the elderly. Lastly, Julia graduated from the University of Hartford in 2019 with a Master’s degree in Psychology. She now works with Jennifer as a Learn to Skate Instructor at Champions Skating Center. All three sisters still seem to reside in West Hartford, Connecticut, and dote on their parents and Justina. We wish the Pelletiers the best in their personal and professional endeavors and hope they have a peaceful life ahead.

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