Where Are Joshua Powell’s Mother and Sisters Now?

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ABC’s ’20/20: If Something Happens to Me’ chronicles the disappearance of Susan Powell, who was last seen in her Utah home after attending church with her sons. It examines the mysterious circumstances surrounding her case, her handwritten will, and the tragic twist involving the death of her children. Her husband and the father of her boys, Joshua Powell, was named as the only person of interest in the case.

However, the way it all ended, unfortunately, left everyone with more questions than answers. To help guide this story, we get introduced to Joshua’s sister, Jennifer Graves, who explained life with her family, especially her mother and sister. Want to know more? Here’s what we found.

Who Are Joshua’s Mother and Sisters?

Terrica Powell, Image Credit: ABC News

Joshua’s mother, Terrica Powell (nee Martin), married Steven Powell back in 1973. Together, they made a good life in Puyallup, Washington, welcoming five children – three boys and two girls – but their relationship was anything but idyllic. Their tumultuous marriage, stemming from differences in beliefs and parenting styles, ended in divorce in 1992. Subsequently, while the three brothers were in Steven’s custody, the girls, Alina and Jennifer, lived with their mother.

Eventually, though, they all wound up residing with Steven’s parents for a year before being returned to their mother, whom they’d been told they would never see again. By that time, they were all traumatized because of the harshness they endured. In December 2009, it was Terrica and Jennifer, who first reported the Powell family missing. They got a call from Joshua and Susan’s chosen daycare center for children, informing them that their two boys had not been dropped off as scheduled.

So when the pair of them failed to make contact with either one of the parents as well, they called the police. Then, when everything happened, and it was discovered that Susan was the only one who had disappeared, Jennifer grew suspicious of her brother. Joshua’s other sister, Alina, was also wary of him. However, after a while, she withdrew her suspicions, claiming that she felt like her brother was innocent and was, in fact, a victim of unduly harassment by police investigations.

Where Are Joshua Powell’s Mother and Sisters Now?

Jennifer Graves,  Image Credit: KSL-TV

Terrica Powell and Alina, currently residing in Roy, Utah, got into a court battle with Susan’s father, Chuck Cox, over the control of Susan’s estate. They had sought to have Susan be declared legally dead so that her life insurance and other assets could be collected and distributed. But ultimately, her father gained full control of it all. We should mention that Susan’s side of the family also sued the Washington Department of Social and Health Services on the grounds that by prioritizing Joshua’s parental rights over the safety of his sons, they facilitated their deaths.

The case went on trial in January 2019, with them pushing for states to pass bills that would restrict the visitation rights of parents who are under the eyes of the law. As for Jennifer, she resides in West Jordan, Utah, and is a homemaker. She and her husband have been married for over two decades now and have five beautiful children together – three boys and two girls. They are active in their community and church.

Jennifer credits her husband for helping her find a passage and move on from all that she has suffered through. Maintaining that Joshua harmed Susan, in 2013, she co-authored a book with Emily Clawson called “A Light In Dark Places.” In this memoir, Jennifer details her family’s history and the events surrounding what happened in 2009 in the hopes that other people would recognize abuse and get out of the situation as soon as possible. Today, she continues to speak up for Susan and seek justice for her.

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