Where Are Julia Haart’s Children Now?

‘My Unorthodox Life’ is a Netflix original series following the personal and professional experiences of Julia Haart, a fashion mogul and former ultra-Orthodox Jew, as she and her family find the balance between their past, present, and hopes for the future. This nine-part show gives us an insight into why Julia left the insular society, its impact on her familial bonds, and how she transformed her life into a feminist fairytale. Her four children, of course, played a crucial role in every phase, so let’s find out all that there is to know about them, shall we?

Batsheva Haart Weinstein

Julia Haart’s eldest child is Batsheva Weinstein. She was simply a recently married 19-year-old girl when her mother chose to flee the community, so Batsheva not only started to question everything she’d learned but also felt abandoned, which led to a period where the duo didn’t have a relationship at all. She gradually came to terms with Julia’s desires, gained a new outlook on what it means to be modern and faithful, and is now a religious Jew without any personal restrictions on clothes, careers, or choices. Batsheva is happy and close to her mother today.

Due to a lack of secular education growing up, when Batsheva came into the real world, she had to experiment in different fields and try many new things to discover her passion and pursue it as a profession. Therefore, in her late 20s, she is a Fashion Institute of Technology graduate, a content creator, a lifestyle blogger, and a wife. The accessories designer is slowly establishing herself as a well-known influencer on Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube. Apart from all this, she’s also a social media freelancer and focuses on fashion and travel on her Sunnies & Sangria blog.

Shlomo Hendler Haart

Shlomo Hendler did not seem to have as much of an issue with his mother cutting ties with Yeshivishe Heimishe as some of his other siblings, but he did find himself questioning some of the orthodox practices. Thus, Shlomo also left Monsey and slowly began to find a path to be a devout Jew while still being a part of modern society. The concepts of dating being reserved for marriage and women having constraints are a few things he found himself moving away from completely. In other words, Shlomo still keeps Shabbat and follows the rules, but he’s adapting as he discovers more.

From what we can tell, Shlomo is just starting to date and seems happy to be where he is in life today. He actually appears to be quite intelligent and ambitious, so his dream of becoming an accomplished lawyer in the State of New York might just come true sooner than later. After all, Shlomo did a summer program in the field of sociology and genetics at the University of Cambridge before enrolling at Columbia University in the City of New York for a Bachelor’s degree in political science and government. He graduated in early 2021 and is looking forward to the next chapter of his life.

Miriam Haart

Miriam Haart was just a teenager when Julia escaped her society, and it’s been implied in the documentary series that she played a crucial role in the matter. By inquiring about the “why” behind everything, something her mother had been doing internally for decades, Miriam helped her realize how life can be different and better for everyone. As a bisexual, outgoing, and confident individual, Miriam did not like that she couldn’t sing, dance, and “have fun” in her previous life, so the transition was the easiest for her. In fact, that’s why Miriam decided to change her surname to Haart legally.

After earning her high school diploma from Maayanot High School in 2016, Miriam studied coding and robotics from a few different institutions before enrolling at Stanford University. She’s set to obtain her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from there in 2022. Miriam is not only a Co-teacher in CS11: How to Make Virtual Reality at the prestigious establishment, but she’s also the Co-Founder and CPO of Eazitt, a shopping app launched in Africa. Her passion lies in women empowerment, cognitive science, and AI. She’s also partnered with Girl Up to run her first marathon this year.

Aron Hendler

Aron Hendler is Julia Haart’s youngest child and the one who continues to live in Monsey as she and her ex-husband share custody of the teen. He’s pretty conservative despite his family’s modern world views. However, as we’ve seen in the show, peer pressure affects Aron as well. There was a brief time when he believed that social media, television, and talking to girls were not completely okay. Yet, Aron now goes to a co-ed high school, has a public Instagram account, and admitted to his mother that he’d watch television under guidance. Aron is figuring out a balance in who he is, and considering his age, that’s only expected.


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