Where Are LeRoy Jeffs and Seth Jeffs Now?

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Warren Jeffs took over as the prophet of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints after his father, Rulon Jeffs, died. But the church was mired in controversy when Warren was accused of sexually abusing underage girls. The ensuing investigation brought up evidence of forced child marriages, polygamy, and other unsettling things. Netflix’s ‘Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey’ delves into the shocking stories of former FLDS members. In the docuseries, LeRoy and Seth Jeffs, Warren’s brothers, are also talked about. So, if you’re curious about how involved they were with the church activities, we’ve got you covered.

Who Are LeRoy Jeffs and Seth Jeffs?

LeRoy was born to Rulon Jeffs and his fourth wife, Marilyn Steed. He is the couple’s oldest son and picked a career in accounting early on, just like his father. Apart from that, LeRoy also sat on the board of the trust that operated the church and other companies with connections to the FLDS. On the show, Alicia Rohbock, a former member of the FLDS who was married to Rulon until his death, fell in love with LeRoy.

Alicia Rohbock and LeRoy Jeffs

The couple had two children together, but LeRoy was also known to have married at least four girls aged between 14 and 16 in a six-year period starting in 1998. Since LeRoy was the head accountant, he was believed to have extensive information regarding the property holdings of the church and records of all the plural marriages, including the ones between minor girls and older men, that were carried out. However, in 2005, Warren kicked LeRoy out of the church and reassigned his family, sending him to Oklahoma to repent.

Seth is Warren’s younger brother, and they maintained a close relationship. Therefore, when Warren went on the run from the police in 2005 after being accused of sexual abuse, Seth was believed to have helped him elude the police. In November 2005, Seth was arrested in Pueblo, Colorado, with a relative, Nathaniel Allred. They were pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving, and Nathaniel alleged that Seth paid him money to perform sexual favors.

Seth Jeffs

Inside the car, the authorities found several letters addressed to Warren, prepaid phone cards, and over $140,000. It seemed that they were delivering it to Warren, but Seth claimed that he was only a messenger, not knowing where Warren was. Seth added that he wasn’t about to talk even if he knew his brother’s location. In November 2006, he was sentenced to three years probation for hindering the authorities, along with a fine of $2500.

Where Are LeRoy Jeffs and Seth Jeffs Today?

In 2006, LeRoy Jeffs was detained in Arizona. He was served with a subpoena to testify before a federal grand jury in relation to the church. However, LeRoy refused to testify despite not being a part of the church at the time. He spent four months in federal prison before being released. It was reported in 2016 that LeRoy was invited back into the FLDS. For now, it seems that he is still an FLDS member, and it appears that he still lives in Utah.

Seth later ran the FLDS compound near Pringle, South Dakota, and in September 2016, pleaded guilty to fraud for misusing food stamps. Lyle Jeffs, another brother, was sent to prison in relation to the same multi-million dollar food stamp scheme. Seth served about six months in jail before being released. In 2019, he showed up in Minnesota and bought a secluded property in Grand Marais. However, in May, the authorities asked to halt construction on the land temporarily. In 2021, the property in Pringle was put on sale after a judge’s order. Seth, who was reported to have 5 wives as of 2006, seems to have relocated to Minnesota.

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