Where Are Mark Hofmann’s Children Now?

Netflix’s ‘Murder Among the Mormons’ is a limited docuseries that chronicles the life and actions of the criminal mastermind behind one of the most shocking crimes to have transpired in the Mormon community. In October 1985, three bomb blasts in Salt Lake City, Utah, shook the local authorities and the residents to their very core, primarily because of its connection to the Latter-day Saints Church.

Mark Hofmann, a reputed trader of documents and artifacts within the church, turned out to be the one who’d planted the bombs in an attempt to hide his forgeries. And now, with the three-part documentary series highlighting all aspects of his life, especially his relationship with his wife, it made us wonder more about his family. If you’re here curious about the same, we’ve got you covered.

Who Are Mark Hofmann’s Children?

After Mark Hofmann married Doralee “Dorie” Olds on September 14, 1979, whom he first met while attending the Utah State University, they began a life together. Subsequently, while Dorie dropped out of school to support her husband, Mark left his pre-med education to become a full-time rare documents dealer. In the next eight years, they welcomed four children into their lives; one son and three daughters. The youngest was born after Mark had been charged and arrested with fraud, theft, and murder. After all, Dorie still supported him, unable to believe that he was a cold-blooded killer.

As the family’s primary caregiver, Dorie didn’t want their lives to be anything but stereotypical, so she tried maintaining that as much as possible. Twice a week, she went to see her husband in prison – once alone and once with their kids. But when Mark confessed, and the reality of his actions dawned on her, Dorie filed for divorce. Since 1988, they haven’t communicated except in letters talking about the welfare of their children. At that time, they were all five and under. Eventually, though, as she couldn’t handle everything by herself, Dorie had to farm the youngest ones to relatives.

Where Are Mark Hofmann’s Children Now?

All four of Mark Hofmann’s children prefer to stay away from the media and the spotlight. In fact, not even their full names are public knowledge. Whether it be within the obituaries of their grandparents or the various interviews their mother gives to news outlets, their identities have always remained protected.

All we know of Mark’s son and three daughters is that they have grown up without their biological father in their lives. But considering how they even refuse to acknowledge him publicly, it doesn’t seem like it bothers them much. For a while, Dorie did feel like her children no longer respected or listened to her, which is why she had to separate and ship them away. Yet, she says it was for their own good.

Once Dorie had divorced her husband and reclaimed her maiden name, she received a lucrative deal to write a book about her ordeal, but she couldn’t go through with it on her own. Even though it would have solved all the money problems Mark had left their family in, she refused to put her children through it again.

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