Where Are Michelle Paet and Corry Hawkins Now?

When infidelity combined with greed creeps into a happy and blissful marriage, it can have disastrous consequences. Such was the case for Nathan Paet’s blissful life. Nathan was an active member of the US Air Force and he was stationed at the Nellis Air Base in Las Vegas as a supply technician. His career also comprised his service in the Iraq War. He was a devoted family man determined to serve his country. To this end, he had taken up the night shift at his job to earn more for his family. What Nathan was unaware of, was a plot brewing behind his back which would ultimately lead to his demise.

Investigation Discovery’s ‘American Monster’ is a true-crime series that features real-life crimes committed by unsuspecting individuals. This particular episode retells the story of a wife who had strayed so far from her commitment to her husband that with her secret lover she was able to shape out a plan to kill him. Let us find out more about her and another man who also played a major role in Nathan Paet’s death.

Who Are Michelle Paet and Corry Hawkins?

Michelle and Nathan Paet were childhood sweethearts. Their relationship stemmed from when they grew up together on the island of Guam in the Pacific Ocean. The couple with their four children had been living in Las Vegas, owing to Nathan’s military posting. The family which seemed happy from the outside, had started crumbling internally, solely due to Michelle’s extramarital affair with her co-employee, Michael Rodriguez at the same telemarketing company she worked in. The two allegedly developed an intimate relationship within six months. Suddenly, Michelle was no longer satisfied with her life with Nathan.

Together, Michelle and Michael with the help of alleged gunman, Corry Hawkins, devised a plot to kill Nathan. On December 1, 2010, when Nathan was living for his night shift job, Michael and Corry waited in the shadows. As Nathan came out, he was shot five times in the garage of his house. He managed to stagger back inside the house and collapsed immediately in front of his wife and children. The authorities received a distress 911 call from the Paet residence. Nathan was rushed to the nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead. After the deed, according to a girl Michael claimed to be his alibi, Michael and Corry burnt their clothes. Investigation launched into the shooting soon revealed that Michelle would receive $400,000 from the military and $250,000 from a separate life insurance policy after Nathan’s death. This was deemed to be one of the primary fueling reasons for the murder.

Where Are Michelle Paet and Corry Hawkins Now?

Michelle Paet confessed to the police about her involvement in Nathan Paet’s murder as soon as the police zeroed in on her. She also admitted to her and Michael’s romantic involvement. The text messages exchanged between Michelle and Michael immediately revealed their association with each other and to the murder of Nathan Paet. Michelle pleaded guilty to murdering Nathan, in October 2015 to avoid being sentenced to death. She was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole on March 3, 2016.

Corry Hawkins, the alleged gunman, also pleaded guilty to the charges against him which included first-degree murder in the slaying of Nathan Paet. Hawkins, a nine-time convicted felon was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole on September 20, 2016. Both Michelle and Corry are serving their respective sentences in the Nevada Department of Corrections.

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