Where Are Richard and Sarah From Nailed It Now?

Despite the global COVID-19 pandemic, Netflix’s ‘Nailed It!‘ managed to film another season, and this time, with the bakers being in teams of two to recreate extravagant sweets and hopefully win $10,000, it’s bigger and brighter than ever. Aptly titled ‘Double Trouble,’ season 5 of this quirky series features home bakers with a poor track record seeking redemption. And even though their creations don’t always turn out great, their confidence and personalities make up for it. So now, if you’re curious to know more about the winning pair of the first episode, Richard and Sarah, we’ve got you covered.

Richard Harris and Sarah Bier: Nailed It! Journey

As a brother-and-sister-in-law duo, Richard and Sarah won our hearts with their competitive nature and funny exchanges. With Richard being married to Sarah’s elder sister and being close to the entire family, he practically became her brother. “We’re bosom buddies,” Sarah said. From the very beginning, the pair had made it clear that they were on ‘Nailed it!’ not for the experience but for the win. “I think if we don’t win, your kids will really make fun of us and disown us,” Sarah explained. To this, Richard added that if they lost, they’d be living in a motel somewhere.

In the first round, Richard and Sarah had to recreate a Hades statue, which they knocked out of the park thanks to the red edible glitter they incorporated to make it look like “the fires of hell” were coming “alive inside of him.” Then, while baking the Medusa cake, not only did the pair manage to utilize their time as best as possible, but they also had fun. Of course, their years of experience working together in the kitchen during family holidays helped them a lot in this. So, it came as no surprise when they walked away with $10,000 in the bag.

Where Are Richard and Sarah Now?

Richard Harris is a London-born, Los Angeles-based husband, father, songwriter, and producer. And because he works with a myriad of people nationally and internationally, his pieces can often be heard on networks like CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, The BBC, Lifetime, MTV, and many more. We should also mention that his interactive music industry event, SongWriter Camps, which he established with renowned songwriter Pam Sheyne, had partnered with The Music Industry School last year to provide artists in Australia a glimpse of production here.

“I come from a school of crossing boundaries,” Richard once said. “I’m a chameleon these days. I adapt depending on what the room is doing at the time.” Moreover, even his Facebook profile asserts that he’s “trying to multitask as best I can.” As for Sarah Bier, although she is not a Billboard #1 musician like her brother-in-law, she seems perfectly content with her life right now. After all, her LinkedIn profile shows that the now-freelancer has held high administrative posts like Director of Sales and Event Sales Manager over the last few years.

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