Sara Ehlers and Reginald Guinto: Where Are How to Get Rich Stars Now?

Netflix’s ‘How To Get Rich‘ follows New York Times bestselling author and self-proclaimed financial advisor Ramit Sethi as he goes around the United States, meeting clients and providing financial advice. Before meeting each client, he goes through their financial details, including debts, incomes, and checking account balances, which gives him a rough estimate of their lifestyle. Additionally, Ramit encourages others to believe in his philosophy of spending money on things that bring happiness while cutting down on unnecessary expenses.

Season 1 of ‘How To Get Rich’ introduced us to several interesting cast members, including Sara Ehlers and Reginald “Reggie” Guinto. As a newly engaged couple, they needed help planning their marriage and managing their finances simultaneously. Moreover, the two feared they would miss out on a wonderful experience due to the constant budgeting.

Who Are Sara Ehlers and Reginald “Reggie” Guinto?

Residents of New Jersey, the show introduced Sara and Reggie as a young, newly engaged couple looking forward to building a life together. Interestingly, the latter appeared to be the more responsible of the two as he was pretty serious about their finances and even held a high-paying salaried job. On the other hand, Sara was taken up by social media marketing, and even though she gave the job her all, she was not reimbursed per her efforts. In fact,  the show revealed that she had a lower annual income when compared to her fiance, which forced the couple to stay within a strict budget at all times.

After studying Sara and Reggie’s finances, Ramit realized that the two weren’t living up to their potential. On the other hand, the couple was also in the midst of planning for their wedding. Although Sara wanted a fairytale ceremony, it seemed like the constant cost-cutting would force them to miss out on numerous once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Once Ramit took charge of the situation, he instructed Sara and Reggie to devise a proper plan for their wedding.

The pair were also asked to prepare a guest list and create a chart for all wedding expenses other than the venue. Subsequently, Sara and Reggie realized they could do away with some unnecessary luxuries, including two extremely costly wedding dresses, in exchange for a good wedding experience that would make them happy. On top of it, they even learned to categorize their spending and invest wisely for a better future.

Sara Ehlers and Reginald “Reggie” Guinto Are Happily Married Today

On the show, Ramit encouraged Reggie to work harder to secure a promotion at his place of employment. Hence, while he was working as a Systems Engineer at Boeing during filming, we are happy to report that he has since been promoted to Engineering Manager. On the other hand, Ramit asked Sara to find new employment that would respect her efforts and give her the salary she deserves. Thus, in August 2022, she became the Associate Director of Influencer Marketing at Village Marketing.

Besides, readers would be delighted to know that Sara and Reggie tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony in Italy. They currently reside in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area in California. Even though Reggie is pretty private regarding his personal life, his wife loves online blogging and has a significant social media following. It is genuinely remarkable to witness them grow together, and we wish them the best for the years ahead.

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