Millie and Christian: Where Are How to Get Rich Stars Now?

Netflix’s ‘How To Get Rich‘ is an interesting reality TV show that teaches one how to manage their finances properly and plan for a better future. The show follows New York Times bestselling author and self-proclaimed financial guru Ramit Sethi, who goes around the United States meeting clients before going through their financial details and giving them proper advice. Besides, he has others try his strategy, encouraging them to decrease unnecessary expenses to spend money on things they love.

Likewise, season 1 of ‘How To Get Rich’ introduced New Jersey couple Millie Oquendo and Christian Cardenas, who has been engaged for quite some time and were looking forward to a life together. Moreover, Christian claimed his biggest dream was to retire his mother and give her the rest she deserved. Well, with the cameras now turned away, let’s find out where Millie and Christian are at present, shall we?

Who Are Millie Oquendo and Christian Cardenas?

Christian Cardenas is a first-generation American as his parents immigrated from Colombia to the United States in search of a better life. He mentioned that his family, especially his mother, has worked hard most of her life to provide him with everything he needed. Hence, Christian’s biggest desire is to retire her and give her as much rest as possible. Interestingly, he met Millie for the first time at high school, although they did not start dating immediately. Instead, it took Christian a few weeks after graduation to ask her out, and since then, the couple has been going strong. Besides, even though they aren’t very alike in financial planning, Millie and Christian share a passion for traveling, and they even got engaged while on a trip to Paris.

When Ramit began looking into Millie and Christian’s financial details, he noticed a lot of discrepancies. For starters, the latter was much more organized than his fiancée and even had a proper salaried job. However, he made some questionable financial decisions, including buying and trading stocks which made him face some heavy losses. On the other hand, Millie was involved in Multi-Level Marketing and believed it was the best way to build a legacy and create generational wealth. Yet, apart from the unpredictable nature of Multi-Level Marketing, it also burdened her with unnecessary payments, including a car loan, which naturally ate into her finances.

Nevertheless, it did not take Millie and Christian a lot of time to adapt to Ramit’s strategy, and they were soon able to start suitable investments for a better future. Besides, the financial guru even encouraged Millie to step away from MLM and find a profession that would respect her skills and pay her accordingly. Once she and Christian took control of their financial decisions, they could direct their funds properly. Consequently, Christian opened a retirement fund to help his mother quit work early. On the other hand, the show revealed that Millie got a new higher-paying job, which helped free up a lot of her money for better use.

Millie Oquendo and Christian Cardenas Are Happily Married Now

We are happy to report that Millie Oquendo and Christian Cardenas have since tied the knot, and they even enjoyed a long honeymoon in Italy. Furthermore, the couple currently resides in Elizabeth, New Jersey, where they have built a wonderful life surrounded by their loved ones. From the looks of it, Christian has retained his salaried job but prefers privacy and likes to keep his personal life under wraps. On the other hand, Millie still appears involved in Multi-Level Marketing, even though she has since become a Licensed Real Estate Agent for New Jersey. Witnessing them lead a happy and successful life is genuinely heartwarming, and we wish them the best.

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