Where Are Tembi Locke’s Parents Now?

Image Credit: Jessica Brooks/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘From Scratch’ is a love story inspired by the real life of Tembi Locke. The show follows Amy, as she moves to Florence for a few months to study art. There, she meets a young Sicilian chef named Lino, and they fall in love with each other. While the early years of their romance are nothing short of a fairytale, reality soon strikes hard and they face the challenges that change the course of their lives, defining who they are.

Amy has to face a deep loss, one that she couldn’t have survived without the support of her family. No matter what their differences, her parents always stand by her side. In real life, Tembi Locke also found love and support from her family. If you are wondering where her parents are now, then here’s all you need to know about them.

Tembi Locke’s Father and Stepmother Continue to be Active in Their Professional Life

Tembi Locke’s father, Gene Locke, and her stepmother, Aubrey Locke, live in Houston, Texas. They have three children together. Gene was a political activist in his young years and was even put on trial in the 70s for his involvement in the movement. He graduated from law school in 1981 and started his illustrious career in law and politics. He went from working nights as a part-time municipal judge to working as a chief of staff to the late U.S. Rep. Mickey Leland.

In 1995, Gene was appointed Houston’s city attorney and ran for mayor in 2009. He also served as the Harris County Precinct One Commissioner from January to December 2016. Over the years, he has remained a vocal and vital force in the steps taken by the local government. He has been involved with projects like the annexation of Kingwood, Houston Independent School District and Harris County redistricting, and Houston Community College System expansion, among others.

A partner at Andrews Kurth LLP, he serves as a general counsel to the Harris County Houston Sports Authority and special counsel to the Port Commission of the Port of Houston and the Metropolitan Transit Authority. Both Gene and Aubrey share a strong relationship with Tembi and their granddaughter, Zoela. Much like Amy and her parents’ bond is depicted in the show, Tembi, too, relies on them for support and encouragement in all of her endeavors. Aubrey also serves as a consultant and contributing editor for Tembi’s ‘The Kitchen Widow.’

Tembi Locke’s Mother Continues to Support Her Daughters

Tembi Locke’s mother, Sherra Aguirre, lives in Houston, Texas, with her husband, Abe Seck. For 35 years, Aguirre ran a successful business. She was the founder and CEO of Aztec Facility Services, Inc., which had over 1200 employees and won several awards for entrepreneurship, innovation, and service excellence. She later sold the company and focused her attention on health, food, and lifestyle. Aguirre is the author of ‘Joyful, Delicious, Vegan: Life Without Heart Disease,’ which won the Pinnacle Book Award for Healthy Living and the Living Now Health and Wellness Evergreen award.

Aguirre’s attention was brought to her health when she discovered that she was at risk of heart disease. She had symptoms of hypertension and in running a business, she had ignored her physical and mental health. Now, for the past 25 years, she has remained focused on her well-being, restricting herself to a plant-based diet and practicing yoga and meditation. All of this has helped her better her health, and she shares the secret to being fit and healthy with others through her books, articles in several publications, and talking about it on podcasts.

Aguirre was a political activist in her early years and remains involved with it even now. She also promotes urban gardens and organic farming in her locality. While the character of Amy’s mother in ‘From Scratch’ is inspired by Aguirre, it is a very loose representation of her. In an interview, her other daughter, Attica Locke revealed that they made a lot of changes in the plot as well as the characters while adapting Tembi Locke’s book for Netflix.

“Our mom is not like [the character] Lynn. Lynn is bats—, but hilarious and also vulnerable, but our mom is not that crazy,” she said. Despite the changes in Lynn’s character, Aguirre shares one thing with her onscreen counterpart— her unending love and support for her daughters.

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