Shiny Happy People: Where Are The Ex-IBLP Members Now?

As a four-part docuseries living up to its title in every way imaginable, Prime Video’s ‘Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets’ can only be described as equal parts gripping and haunting. That’s because it includes not just archival footage but also first-hand accounts to really spotlight the dark side of TLC’s once-favorite family through the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP). Amongst those to thus be featured were actually several former members of this cult-like sect — so now, if you simply wish to learn more about their current standing, we have got you covered.

Brooke Arnold is Actively Traveling Today

According to Brooke’s own accounts, she was 17 when she managed to escape the thorns of IBLP after having been raised under its fundamental ist banner starting at the tender age of seven. She hence had to learn the ways of the real, natural world primarily by herself, driving her to settle down in New York and gradually evolve into a writer, researcher, as well as stand-up comedian.

However, by the time late 2022 rolled around, Brooke decided it was high time for her to fulfill her life-long dream of traveling through all states on an indefinitely long van road trip alongside her dog Arthur. In other words, the “professor” is essentially a nomad these days, yet she’s doing quite well for herself by being active on online platforms — she offers free tutoring to people like her, does live sessions, is a TikToker, and is planning on launching a podcast soon.

Lindsey Williams is Now a Podcast Host

While there’s no denying Lindsey’s experiences within IBLP were horrific owing to how its former founder-president allegedly harassed her, it appears as if she has since managed to build a good, separate life on her own. In fact, the makeup artist, hairstylist, and licensed cosmetologist (Paul Mitchell Academy) is not only the proud owner of CrazyPretty Workshops but has also co-founded The Makeup Standard. Moreover, the Los Angeles resident co-hosts the ‘We Speak Beauty’ Podcast with mentor Lottie, all the while continuing to work for approaching clients and high-profile brands or publications alike.

Floyd and Tara Oathout is Advocating and Healing Together

It was back in 2005 when Floyd and Tara happily tied the knot as devout IBLP members, but things changed shortly after they welcomed their son into this world on August 6, 2007. While she realized there’d been a lot of shame ascribed to her since childhood and was in survival mode because of health issues (strokes), he began drinking — this even led them to separate for some time.

However, from what we can tell, the couple soon managed to reconnect, left the sect for good, worked on identifying what worked for them, and are now leading a happy life in Florida as a single unit. Their priorities these days are simply Floyd’s mental health, fighting Tara’s various disorders as well as diseases, caring for their autistic son’s overall well-being, and advocating for the same.

Lara Smith is Using Her Platform for Advocacy and Study

Although Lara’s upbringing was rather traditional from the get-go since her parents were Independent Southern Baptists, she was 12 when it geared to another level with them joining IBLP. She thus spent less than a decade as a member, yet it was enough to mess up her education through a faith-based homeschooling program called ATI and pave the way for sexual assaults.

The now-public figure/influencer was 17 when she was admittedly inappropriately touched for the first time, just for it to become a pattern until she left the sect for good in early adulthood. Nevertheless, her sense of “bodily autonomy is still really messed up” despite therapy, which is part of why she makes sure to use her platform to also study similar organizations as well as cults.

Heather Heath is Nurturing Her Family Now

While Heather had always been homeschooled, her life turned upside down when her parents started utilizing ATI when she was nine before relocating from Connecticut to Oklahoma. She actually wasn’t abused, but her experiences were no less traumatic because she was essentially taught her body didn’t belong to her at every step until she finally left a decade later.

It hence comes as no surprise the trained paramedic is currently “Faithfully Deconstructing,” all the while focusing on her marriage with ER physician Joe, their twins, and her other personal relationships. You can actually learn more about this now New York-based 35-year-old’s journey through her book ‘Lovingly Abused’ or her cult-content-only Instagram Changing Hangers.

Chad Harris is Managing Chaotic Good Improv in Birmingham

If we’re being honest, Chad has been quite careful regarding the things he shares on online platforms, making it clear he prefers to keep a low profile despite featuring in the Amazon original. Nevertheless, we do know that this England-born Alabama as well as Belgium-raised first entirely homeschooled individual of his family is now back to residing in Alabama (Birmingham, in particular). It is here the technology and entertainment enthusiast primarily serves as Hostmaster General for the Chaotic Good Improv theater company, all the while maintaining close friendships with both Lara and Heather.

Tia Levings is Building a Stable Life as a Writer and Mother Now

Tia’s experiences within IBLP are arguably one of the most harrowing owing to the alleged abuse she faced from every corner until she realized she could lose her life at the hands of her then-husband. She hence packed her bags, grabbed their children, and fled out the door, just to never look back even though the “months of staying mobile and hiding and many, many interstate trips” took its toll on her. So we’re happy to report that she has now managed to build a good, happy, stable life for herself as a re-married mother, a public figure, and a writer — her book ‘A Well-Trained Wife’ will be published in 2024.

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