Where Are Valentine and Olga Now? How Are They Related?

Image Credit: Valentine Uhovski/Instagram

In Hulu’s ‘Queenmaker: The Making of an It Girl,’ we are introduced to various people who helped make and break New York’s high society in the 1990s and 2000s. The documentary shows how the socialites became so famous and what happened to those who took up the duty to start writing about them on the Internet. Two of the most prominent bloggers to ever report about socialites are Valentine Uhovski and Olga Rei, whose anonymous blog, ‘Socialite Rank,’ truly captured the world’s attention.

Who are Valentine Uhovski and Olga Rei?

Entering New York society in the mid-90s, Valentine and Olga told everyone they were child stars from Russia. The former claimed to have worked as an MC for a beauty pageant when he was seven and became a star by eleven. Similarly, Olga was heard stating that she was a VJ in Russia. However, it was hard to find proof of their claims, and the duo remained ever so discreet about their origins. The two had moved to New York in 1995 as students of La Guardia High. Though they claimed to be step-siblings, owing to Valentine’s father marrying Olga’s mother, many found it hard not to think of them as a couple.

Valentine was reportedly known as a writer for a magazine though few knew his exact profession. He and Olga were club promoters who were often seen at different events though few could link them to any credible source of fame. Besides, their mysterious life certainly added to their appeal. On April 24, 2006, things in the online socialite world became even more interesting with the launch of ‘Socialite Rank.’ The anonymous blog maintained a list of the top 20 women among the New York elite at any given time.

With the increasing popularity of ‘Socialite Rank,’ people started wondering who might be behind the viral blog. After much investigation, many within the socialite ranks began to suspect Valentine and Olga were the masterminds behind the blog. Things turned drastic when the anonymous blog shared that Olivia Palmero had allegedly written a letter to other women in the society asking them to give her a chance. She vehemently denied the claim and asserted that whoever had written the letter had stolen her identity.

Amongst the threat of lawsuits and much more, ‘Socialite Rank’ announced that it would be stopping its operation in April 2007, stating that its reasons were not based on legal factors and they had much information that they hoped to reveal via a book called ‘The Year of the Rank’ though it never got published. Many believed that the identity of the mysterious writers had been exposed within the elite circle of New York society, which might be the reason behind its closing down. In May 2007, Valentine and Olga revealed to New York Magazine that they were behind the infamous ranking blog.

Valentine Uhovski and Olga Rei Are Living a Happy Life Today

As of writing, Valentine and Olga seem to be doing well for themselves. The two continue to enjoy their fair share of fame and are often seen at high-end events. Both are the brains behind Rainbow Contemporary and have established themselves as successful entrepreneurs. Valentine is also the Founder of Volster Culture, while Olga likes to work in the field of art through Studio Rei and Art Ruby. Due to their popularity, they have had the opportunity to partner with various high-end brands.

As for the former bloggers’ relationship with each other, it still seems to baffle some, whether they are simply step-siblings or something more. In March 2017, Valentine shared a post featuring Olga and a newly born Uma Rei Uhovski, which only made people even more curious about the nature of their relationship. “Two unmatched heroes in my life. My eternal everything Olga and our sublime Uma Rei Uhovski, born in this greatest town just two days ago,” Valentine stated in the post. Regardless of all the speculation and rumors, he and Olga have maintained their close relationship and are often seen with each other.

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