Where is Big Brother Reindeer Games Filmed?

A holiday-themed spin-off of the ‘Big Brother,’ CBS’ ‘Big Brother Reindeer Games’ is a reality competition series that follows nine former HouseGuests who must compete against one another in the most Holiday-riffic competitions for a chance to win the grand cash prize of $100,000. Consisting of three games, each episode ends in a Santa’s Showdown, which determines the fate of the contestants.

Unlike the rules of the original series, players in ‘Big Brother Reindeer Games’ are not expected to vote off other players or live together in the Big Brother House. After two weeks of intense competition and drama, four contestants head to the finale with only one winner taking home the cash prize and bragging rights. While the entertaining hosts in the form of former Big Brother HouseGuests Derek Xiao, Tiffany Mitchell, and Jordan Lloyd, keep the viewers entertained, the show’s Christmas-themed location keeps them guessing about the actual filming locations of the series.

Big Brother Reindeer Games Filming Location

‘Big Brother Reindeer Games’ is filmed in California, particularly in Los Angeles. Considering the fact that most of the recent seasons of ‘Big Brother’ were shot in the Golden State, it makes sense why the makers would choose the same for the spin-off series. So, let’s find out more about the specific location that features in the CBS production!

Los Angeles, California

All the drama between the contestants of ‘Big Brother Reindeer Games’ takes place in the Radford Studio Center at 4024 Radford Avenue in the neighborhood of Studio City in the city of Los Angeles. To be specific, the production team reportedly redesigns the interior of the iconic Big Brother house at Stage 18 and renames it “Santa’s Lodge.” While the Head of Household bedroom is transformed into Santa’s Office, its spacious kitchen is turned into Mrs. Claus’ Bakery.

The reason the house seems different from the property of the original series is that the art and production department of the spin-off series has transformed each and every nook and cranny to complement the theme of the latter. In order to enhance the enthusiasm of the houseguests as they gear up to participate in the Holiday-riffic competitions, each part of the house, ranging from the art pieces on the edges or the walls, embody or represent the enthusiasm around the cozy winter as well as the yuletide spirit in a faithful manner.

Also known as CBS Studio Center, Radford Studio Center spreads across 40 acres of land and comprises about 18 well-equipped sound stages, multiple buildings, and exterior locations, as well as aids in the construction of sets for a wide array of projects. Over the years, the popular production complex has attracted the attention of several filmmakers and production houses.

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