Boat Story: All Shooting Locations Explored

‘Boat Story,’ the creation of Harry and Jack Williams, is a comedy thriller series that acquaints us with two strangers — Samuel Wells and Janet Campbell — who come from different walks of life. After stumbling into each other, they stumble onto a haul of cocaine lying on a shipwrecked boat along the shore. Together, they decide to make the most of it by selling it and splitting the cash they earn from it. Soon, their good luck turns into misfortune when a mob boss named “The Tailor” and a bunch of masked hitmen put a target on the duo’s back.

If that is not enough, Samuel and Janet also get involved with the police. Featuring compelling performances from a talented ensemble cast, including Daisy Haggard, Paterson Joseph, Tchéky Karyo, Joanna Scanlan, Craig Fairbrass, and Phil Daniels, ‘Boat Story’ takes place in the fictional coastal town of Applebury, which makes some of you question — where is it actually shot?

Boat Story is Filmed Across England

‘Boat Story’ is filmed in its entirety in England, especially in North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, and Hull. As per reports, the production for the inaugural iteration of the thriller show got underway in November 2022 and wrapped up after three months or so, in February 2023. So, allow us to reveal all the shooting sites that fill the backdrop of the Amazon Freevee show!

North Yorkshire, England

The filming unit of ‘Boat Story’ heavily utilizes some of the places in the ceremonial county of North Yorkshire. For instance, in the early stages of the production of season 1, they set up camp in and around the seaside town of Redcar, which is located on the Yorkshire Coast. In November 2022, the cast and crew members were spotted by crowds of onlookers along Redcar Beach on Majuba Road, with glimpses of iconic steelworks in the backdrop, shooting important scenes.

Majuba Car Park at 1 Majuba Road in Redcar also served as a prominent production location. In addition, several scenes are also lensed in the market town of Selby as the Micklegate area was shut down for a couple of days during the filming of the debut season. Other key locations that feature in the series through different episodes are The Frazer Theatre in Knaresborough, Stone House Inn on Greenhow Hill Road in Harrogate, Thruscross Reservoir in Harrogate, and Maxi’s Restaurant on Ings Lane in Nether Poppleton, York.

West Yorkshire, England

A major chunk of ‘Boat Story’ is recorded in and around the city of Leeds. Situated in West Yorkshire, Leeds turns into a film set for the production of the Daisy Hoggard starrer as various local sites are utilized for the same, including Leeds East Airport in Church Fenton, The Core on King Charles Street, and the Rodley Barge Pub and The Owl Pub, both in Rodley. The thriller series is also shot in other establishments and areas in Leeds, such as Holbeck Cemetery on Fairfax Road, Wood Hall Hotel & Spa in Wetherby, a portion of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, and the village Calverley.

The production team of ‘Boat Story’ also made the most of the facilities of Versa Leeds Studios on Whitehall Road Parking in Holbeck. Home to four different sound stages of varying sizes, the film studio also houses numerous production offices, make-up studios, wardrobe facilities, workshops, and a green room. Moreover, in order to shoot scenes portraying Guy, the filming unit sets up camp in a residential property of a large detached architectural family in North Leeds.

Bradford also hosts the production of the thriller series with sites like St. Ives Estate and Windstruments Musical Instrument Shop at 3 Croft Avenue, both in Bingley, featuring in the backdrop. The town of Halifax also serves as a pivotal filming site as the cast and crew members set up camp in various locations across the town — Harveys of Halifax, La Luna Restaurant, The Old Cock Inn, Halifax Borough Market, Concorde Coffee House, and All Saints’ Church.

Important scenes of ‘Boat Story’ are taped in the LED Studio at Production Park on Langthwaite Business Park in South Kirkby, Pontefract. The studio complex consists of six studios of varying sizes and the mill, all of which can be utilized for different purposes — from rehearsals to filming or hosting corporate events. Additional locations where shooting for the show takes place are the village of Boston Spa and the market towns of Dewsbury and Huddersfield.

Other Locations in England

For the purpose of shooting, the production team of ‘Boat Story’ also travels to other locations in England, including the city of Sheffield in South Yorkshire. Hull Waterside & Marina at 13 Kingston Street in the port city of Hull, also known as Kingston upon Hull, is another filming site that makes several appearances in the show.

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