We Are Family: Where is the Fox Show Shot?

Having featured together in ‘To Tell the Truth‘ and ‘Trippin’ with Anthony Anderson and Mama Doris,’ the mother-son duo of Anthony Anderson and Doris Bowman host Fox’s ‘We Are Family,’ a reality game show that features non-famous relatives of famous celebrities who indulge in solo and duet performances along with their famous yet hidden family member. 100 contestants compete against one another to take home a whopping sum of $150,000 by correctly guessing the celebrity that the performer is related to.

The celebrities that feature in the show include big musicians and pro athletes, keeping the audience glued and guessing through each episode. However, the identity of the celebrity is not the only thing that keeps them guessing as they also wonder about the filming locations of ‘We Are Family.’

We Are Family is Filmed in Atlanta

‘We Are Family’ is filmed in the city of Atlanta, in Georgia. According to reports, principal photography for the inaugural iteration of the reality show got underway in September 2023 and wrapped up in October of the same year. So, allow us to take you through the specific location that appears in the Fox game show.

Atlanta, Georgia

The shooting for most of the pivotal sequences of ‘We Are Family’ takes place in the capital of Georgia — Atlanta. It is home to many major film studios, including Shadowbox Studios, Third Rail Studios, Trilith Studios, and Tyler Perry Studios, to name a few. One of these film studios in the city supposedly hosts the production of the Anthony Anderson-hosted reality series. Almost all the contestants of the debut season had good words to share about their respective experiences shooting and being on the set of the series.

For instance, the LA-based contestant, Jason Walker, opened up about his experience, writing, “I traveled there to be 1 of 100 contestants on a new game show called #WeAreFamilyFox! Outside of the time filming, the 100 of us adventured throughout the city, enjoyed meals together, played so many board games and shared our lives. We truly became a family. And even after we departed Atlanta to 100 different homes around the country, our familial bond grew and continues to this day. In the highs and lows of our real lives, it’s beautiful to experience the support and care and laughs that maintain.”

Another contestant, Timothy Sternberg, shared, “As amazing as the show is, the biggest win was the relationships that it made as a result of this adventure. From the Tru crew, who bonded big time when we were in Atlanta, to the new, amazing friendships that have spawned through conversations I have had with people when we returned home.”

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