A Heidelberg Holiday: Filming and Cast Details of the Hallmark Christmas Movie

Bringing some foreign Christmas flavor to Hallmark in its ‘Countdown to Christmas’ line-up is director Maclain Nelson’s ‘A Heidelberg Holiday.’ It centers upon the life of Heidi Heidelberg, who travels to the scenic German town of Heidelberg to sell her handcrafted ornaments at the prestigious Heidelberg Christmas Market. While there, she encounters setback after setback but is assisted by Lukas, a local artisan, who takes it upon himself to help her set up shop. The dreamlike destination may be her perfect opportunity to learn about artisanship, reconnect with her lost heritage, and discover a budding romance.

Where is A Heidelberg Holiday Filmed?

‘A Heidelberg Holiday’ remains true to its namesake by having been filmed in the stunning town of Heidelberg, Germany, but also in Serbia, in the capital city of Belgrade in particular. Filming reportedly began on December 13, 2022, and took 49 days to wrap up by January 31, 2023. Let us take a look at the locations, the cast and crew moved through to tape the holiday romance movie.

Heidelberg, Germany

A substantial part of the principal photography of ‘A Heidelberg Holiday’ was carried out in the picturesque town of Heidelberg in southwestern Germany. Part of the state of Baden-Württemberg, the city is situated on the Neckar River, nestled partly within the Neckar Valley. It is renowned for being home to several buildings and monuments with 14th-century Gothic architecture. In particular, the Heidelberg Castle, located at Schlosshof 1 in the city, is a prominent tourist destination. Symbolic of the German Romantic era, the 7-century-old red sandstone structure can be seen in all its glory in a number of shots throughout the film.

The streets of Heidelberg themselves present quite the scenic backdrop, with historic buildings surrounding the characters and castle walls looming in the distance. The city boasts a dreamy landscape, old-town charm, historic landmarks, and weather that complements the overall tone of a romantic film such as ‘A Heidelberg Holiday.’ Therefore, it is understandable why the filming team of the Hallmark production chose the “City of Literature” as a shooting site.

Belgrade, Serbia

‘A Heidelberg Holiday’ has utilized the capital city of Serbia, Belgrade, for a number of its scenes. Since the filming took place in winter, the city’s atmosphere perfectly matched the holiday theme of the movie. The capital is home to various styles of architecture, having been under the control of various cultures throughout its history, ranging from the Romans, Slavs, Ottomans, and Austrians. Its rustic and pristine beauty along with lower costs of tourism and living, make it a fitting destination to film a destination holiday movie.

A Heidelberg Holiday Cast

Broadway actress Ginna Claire Mason headlines the cast of ‘A Heidelberg Holiday’ by portraying the character of ‘Heidi Heidelberg. Over the years, she has enchanted audiences with her performance in several movie and TV productions. You may be familiar with her work as Glinda AKA the Good Witch of the South in ‘Wicked,’ Maggie in ‘A Holiday Spectacular’ and Rebecca in ‘Preach.’ Being a destination film, ‘A Heidelberg Holiday’ has utilized a considerable amount of local talent, including its male lead.

Joining Heidi as the co-lead is Frédéric Brossier, a Frankfurt am Main native who has showcased his acting prowess in a number of television productions, most notably ‘All You Need,’ ‘Die Heiland: Wir sind Anwalt’ and ‘SOKO Wismar.’ Sara Sofia steps into the role of Anja. The actress is known for her work on the 2018 short film ‘The Proof.’ The supporting cast of the movie includes Zoe Moore, Nick Wilder, Sydney LaFaire, Rebecca Immanuel, Alexander Schubert, Anne Alexander-Sieder, Robert Nickisch, Riccardo Passariello, and Nela Bartsch.

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