Where Is 12 Dates of Christmas Season 2 Cast Now?

HBO Max’s ‘The 12 Dates of Christmas‘ is an interesting reality show that revolves around three leads hunting for a partner to take home during the holidays. The charming singles have their pick out of a pool of eligible singles and are then sent on different dates to test out their compatibilities. However, with love being extremely unpredictable, it’s pretty interesting to see who ends up with whom. With season 2 of ‘The 12 Dates of Christmas’ now behind us, fans are anxious to know where the cast is at present. Let’s find out, shall we?

Where Are Danny Escalante and Nicci Ramos Now?

Towards the beginning of the season, Danny Escalante showed interest in several of his dates. However, it soon became apparent that it would come down to a choice between Brooke Lusk and Nicci Ramos. Over the course of the season, Danny built up a close bond with both women and seemed quite torn between the two. However, with time running out, the love triangle got quite tense as Danny seemed to have feelings for both. Yet, the show saved the best twist for the last, as in a surprising turn of events, Danny ended up choosing Nicci Ramos.

Image Credit: Joe Magnani/HBO Max

Brooke seemed quite disappointed at getting dumped and even flew to New York City later, hoping to win her love back. However, Danny seemed quite set on Nicci and did not change his decision. Nevertheless, both Nicci and Danny are highly private regarding their personal lives and haven’t revealed much on social media post-filming. If we couple that with a lack of reports on their lives, their current relationship status remains unclear. However, witnessing the couple’s commitment and love for each other makes it seem like they might be able to stand the test of time.

Where Are Pinij NaLampoon and Winston Thompson Now?

Initially, Pinij NaLampoon was introduced on the show as Markelle Smith’s date. However, when Markelle realized he still had feelings for his ex, he left the show making Pinij one of the main leads. Over time, the fitness instructor explored his connection with Martin and a few of the new arrivals. Although he did seem to mesh well with most, Pinij was unable to find that romantic spark he so desired. Thankfully, that changed with Winston Thompson’s entry as they took a liking to each other during their very first meeting.

Image Credit: Joe Magnani/HBO Max

Their mutual attraction was very apparent, and the two built up a beautiful relationship. Viewers were impressed with the couple’s commitment, and witnessing their love was heavenly for sure. Thus, to no one’s surprise, Pinij NaLampoon and Winston Thompson chose each other and ended the season as a couple. Unfortunately, both Winston and Pinij prefer to keep their private lives off social media. Thus, their current relationship status remains unclear. Still, with nothing to suggest a breakup as of yet, we hope the couple manages to make it till the end.

Where is Amanda Jenkins Now?

Amanda Grace Jenkins is a talented actress and former hairstylist who identifies as lesbian. Hoping to find a perfect match on the show, the Denver native had her wishes answered when she came across Hina Sabitine. From day 1, the two built up a heartfelt connection, and their chemistry made them seem like a match made for heaven. Amanda and Hina’s commitment and affection for each other were out of this world, and there was hope of them making it all the way. Surprisingly, the two even seemed to share an effortless relationship as they didn’t face many altercations.

However, in an ironic twist, the two got into a massive fight in the season finale and chose to break up, making the 33-year-old actress end the season without a partner. Post-filming, Amanda seems to be enjoying living life on her own terms. However, with no mention of a romantic partner on reports or social media posts, her current dating life remains a mystery.

Where is Markelle Smith Now?

A gay dentist from New York City, Markelle Smith, was on the lookout for a perfect “holidate” to take home for the festive season. Thus, from day 1, he began exploring his options and struck up a connection with a few of his dates. However, as the season progressed, his dates — Tom Seymour and Jean Paul Acocella — began getting close to each other, which eventually led to them making out in front of Markelle.

Markelle was understandably quite hurt by the developments and ended up calling his ex-boyfriend. While talking to his ex, the New York City dentist realized he still had unresolved feelings for him and thus chose to quit the show. Unfortunately, with Markelle now preferring a life of privacy, his relationship status remains under wraps, and it is unclear if he ever got back with his ex.

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