Where Is 7 Little Johnstons Filmed?

‘7 Little Johnstons’ is a reality television series that has been winning hearts since 2015. The show chronicles the lives of the Johnston family of seven people, who live with achondroplasia dwarfism. Trent and Amber are parents to five children. Jonah and Elizabeth are their biological children, whereas Anna, Alex, and Emma are adopted from different parts of the world.

The viewers love the show since it tackles the everyday issues of parents raising teenagers while trying to give time and attention to each other and their respective professions. An important aspect of the series is the Johnston family’s home, which has the fans wondering: where do Trent and Amber Johnston live and where is the series filmed? In case you are wondering about the same, we’ve got your back!

7 Little Johnstons Filming Locations

‘7 Little Johnstons’ is primarily filmed in Georgia. The family is from Georgia and lived in Barnesville before moving to Forsyth. Although both these cities are in two different counties, they are not very far from each other. Let us take you through the details of where the series is filmed!

Barnesville, Georgia

The family originally lived in Barnesville, which is also the county seat of Lamar County. This series is not the first to be filmed in the city. In 2018, several exterior scenes were shot here for the fictional town of Wind Gap in the miniseries ‘Sharp Objects.’ The Johnston family lived on a farmhouse in Barnesville, which they had spent years renovating. They decided to move since they felt that their kids needed their own space.

Forsyth, Georgia

By the end of season 4, the Johnston family is seen briefly living in a hotel as they look for their dream home. Their new place is in Forsyth, which is the county seat of Monroe County. The private property sits on 10 acres of land, is surrounded by a lot of greenery, and touches the Towaliga River. The property cost them $100,000, and as of January 2020, it was estimated at $486,000. Although a huge upgrade from the previous place that the family called home, the new place came with its own set of challenges.

The house itself is spread over 6,000 square feet and was originally built as a church in 1891. It was only converted into a residential property in the 1940s. This means that they had to redo the electrical wiring and the plumbing before moving in. The house has a gorgeous exterior, and the family loves the private pool. There was a lot of renovation work done since the house initially had four bedrooms and three baths.

After the renovation, they now have seven bedrooms and four baths and call their home “Johnstonville.” Although the modifications were completed and filmed in 2019, the fans only get to see that in season 7 that released in March 2020. The Johnstons usually make it a point not to modify average-sized features in the house or have any custom-made furniture because they believe it will help their children adapt to the world which is “not built for them.”

However, they made an exception when they lowered the kitchen counters for their new home. This was done to avoid complicated injuries. Amber has opened up about the fact that that she has already had two surgeries on her back, and climbing up and down the stools is not feasible for her anymore. The series follows the family even when they go out of town, be it New York or California.

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