Where Is A Thousand Fangs Filmed?

HBO Max’s survival horror action series ‘A Thousand Fangs’ (originally ‘Mil Colmillos’) plunges the audiences into the dense jungles of Amazon. The story of the Guillermo Escalona and Jaime Osorio Marquez creation chronicles an elite commando who embarks upon a quest to lead a team of marksmen, hit all the targets, and retreat to the safe zone. They have to locate and possibly eliminate an influential leader who lives in the middle of the forest. However, their mission turns deadly, as they become the targets of a mysterious entity.

A motley cast ensemble comprising Claudio Cataño, Alejandro Buitrago, Carolina Ribón, Andrea Olaya, and Carlos Alberto Mariño drive the intense and thrilling series. The story gradually unearths a more than 500-year-old secret hidden deep in the jungles. The wilderness is dense, dark, and maze-like, and it becomes a crucial element in the series. It creates the ambiance of brooding horror as the commando team looks for ways out of hell on earth. Now, you may be eager to know the locations where ‘A Thousand Fangs’ is filmed. In that case, let us spill all the beans.

A Thousand Fangs Filming Locations

‘A Thousand Fangs’ is filmed in and around locations in Colombia. Filming for the first season occurred in 2018, while the cast and crew returned to the set in November 2021 to film the second season. Colombia is one of the world’s 17 megadiverse countries alongside Australia, the US, and India. Due to the rich biodiversity and dense jungles, the country has fascinated filmmakers, novelists, and artists.

Filming in the region was quite tricky in the past due to its seeming inaccessibility and rampant bureaucratic corruption, but the scenario is changing fast. From ‘Memories of My Father’ to ‘Narcos,’ several films and television shows have considered Colombia as a viable production location. Let us now take you to the specific areas where the series is filmed!

Colosó, Colombia

Most of the story takes place amidst the rainforest. The biodiversity region in question is becoming less and less in volume with rapid population and industrialization. But thankfully, the Colombian government has come forward to stop deforestation. Filming for the second season partly took place in the scenic forested town of Colosó, in the Sucre Department of Northern Colombia. The region was once the seat of Sinú or Zenú culture and is still known for its age-old ceramic and gold crafts.

Puerto Triunfo, Colombia

The team also visited some touristy locations to bring the natural horror to life. They captured sequences in and around Puerto Triunfo, a town and municipality in Antioquia Department of Northern Colombia. The crew mainly filmed scenes in the Doradel neighborhood in the town. Hacienda Napoles, a tourist spot not far from the town, was once owned by Pablo Escobar.

Other Locations in Colombia

The production team extensively scouted in and around Colombia to find ideal locations. Some scenes were filmed in Bogotá, Colombia’s gorgeous high-altitude capital city. A confluence of old and new, the city features several lavish architectures as memorabilia of its colonial past, while museums such as Museo Botero and Museo del Oro attempt to create a national identity. Additional filming took place in Zipaquirá, a city, and municipality in central Colombia, northeast of Bogotá. The city features the cultural center The Casa del Nobel Gabriel García Márquez, after the pathbreaking author whose literature often chronicles the erratic and violent past of the country.

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