Where is Abdul Khan’s Sister Rubina Khan Now?

Netflix’s ‘Unsolved Mysteries: Abducted by a Parent’ features the heartbreaking story of how Abdul Aziz Khan suddenly vanished, with the authorities believing that his mother, Rabia Khalid, kidnapped him. The alleged kidnapping was the culmination of a lengthy legal battle for Aziz’s custody between Rabia and the boy’s father, Abdul Khan. Also featured on the show was Rubina Khan, Abdul’s sister, who shared how the ordeal affected the family. So, let’s find out more about her then, shall we?

Where is Rubina Khan Today?

Rubina Khan remembered the day Aziz Khan was born in November 2010 and said he was their family’s greatest blessing. Abdul, a caring father, loved spending time with his son. However, his relationship with Rabia didn’t remain the same over time. They decided to separate in April 2014, and at the time, Abdul believed they had an amicable relationship, splitting custody of Aziz. However, Rubina stated on the show that Rabia always seemed guarded, and she never knew who Rabia really was. After the separation, Rabia moved to Atlanta, Georgia, for another employment opportunity.

It was a little difficult for Aziz’s paternal family in the beginning. Rubina added, “It taught us that we needed to value every second that we had with each other.” A few months after the separation, Rabia filed for divorce. At the time, Rubina learned that her nephew’s mother had been in constant touch with lawyers, trying to figure out a way to keep Aziz in Atlanta, Georgia. Around the same time, loved ones stated that Rabia kept Aziz away from his father. A bitter custody battle ensued, with evaluators ultimately deciding to hand Abdul his son’s primary custody.

The court date was set for November 28, 2017, but while Abdul was there, Rabia and Aziz were nowhere to be seen. At the time, Rubina felt that Rabia was somehow trying to prolong the procedure. However, an investigation revealed that it was likely much worse. Rabia and her husband, Elliot Bourgeois, seemingly vanished after closing down their bank accounts and quitting their jobs. The authorities believed that they had taken Aziz with them. The US Marshals have been looking for Aziz, Rabia, and Elliot since then but have not had much luck.

Rubina mentioned on the show that the family would never stop looking for Aziz. She added, “We’ve really lost joy in my family. We don’t really celebrate holidays as much.” Today, she lives in New Orleans, Louisiana, with her husband, Fawad Khan. They are loving parents to two children. Furthermore, Rubina is a doctor, just like her brother. She completed her residency at Ochsner Clinic Foundation in Louisiana and specializes in Internal Medicine. Rubina has more than a decade of experience and runs her own practice, in addition to being affiliated with many other hospitals.

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