Where Is All American Filmed?

All American’ is a sports drama television series that shuttles back and forth between two different worlds that Spencer James (Daniel Ezra) finds himself in when he moves from South Crenshaw High School to the prestigious Beverly Hills High and back. It also captures the lives of Spencer’s family and friends. Are you curious to know about its filming locations? Let’s find out!

All American Filming Locations

The series is inspired by the life of professional American football star Spencer Paysinger. Therefore the producers wanted to use authentic locations as much as possible. Here are all the details about where ‘All American’ is filmed!

Los Angeles County, California

‘All American’ is filmed in Los Angeles, California, specifically near Beverly Hills and South Central L.A. Although most of the filming for the series takes place at real-life locations, a few scenes have been filmed on Stage 29 of the Warner Brothers Burbank Studios, located at 4000 Warner Boulevard, Burbank. The studio has 36 sound stages and sits on 62 acres of land. The cafe set for Rescue Smoothies was built in the studio, complete with a functional kitchen.

For all the shooting that took place after the pandemic hit, extra precautions had to be taken. All exposed surfaces in the studio had to be thoroughly wiped down at the end of each day, with trailers and other enclosed spaces fogged with a solution approved by WarnerMedia. COVID-19 also forced other changes in the filming process. For shooting the stadium scenes in season 3, extras could not be used to show the crowd. Hence, the decision to use the footage from the first two seasons again had to be made.

The two central filming locations for the series are the school premises. South Crenshaw High School is actually the Thomas Jefferson High School in South Central L.A. On the other hand, the El Segundo High School, located at 640 Main Street in El Segundo, stands in for the elite Beverly Hills High School. However, the football fields that we see in the series are shot in three different locations, including the grounds of the two abovementioned schools. The third location is the football field of Augustus Hawkins High School, which is about 3.7 miles from Jefferson High.

Spencer’s home in Crenshaw is a private property located at 1153 West, 56th Street in the Vermont-Slauson section of South L.A. Several of the Crenshaw scenes are also filmed in and around the area, including the park in the old neighborhood where Spencer meets his friends. The playground area is situated east of the recreation center at Van Ness Park, on 5720 2nd Avenue.

Another significant location in the series is Coach Baker’s house in Beverly Hills, which also becomes home to Spencer by the end of the final episode of season 1. The scenes involving Coach Baker’s house are filmed at 4760 Amigo Avenue in Tarzana, approximately 10-15 miles from Beverly Hills.

Considering Daniel Ezra is British and played basketball in school, the actor prepared elaborately for his role as Spencer James, especially the accent and the sport itself. He even visited a high school in Crenshaw to observe the life and mannerisms of the people there.

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