Where is Amanda Carter Now?

Bubba Wallace’s steady and upward career trajectory forms the primary focus of Netflix’s docuseries, ‘Race: Bubba Wallace.’ The gifted NASCAR driver was under the national spotlight when he decided to use his platform to speak out against racial inequality. The series also features Bubba’s fiancée, Amanda Carter, who has supported him and his career throughout. So, if you’re curious to find out more, here’s what we know!

Who is Amanda Carter?

A North Carolina native, Amanda and Bubba have been together since 2016. At the time, he was racing in NASCAR’s Xfinity Series, driving for Roush Fenway Racing. It was reported that the couple split in 2018, around the time when Bubba was struggling with his mental health and the pressure surrounding him. However, they got back together sometime after that. On the show, Amanda talked about the relationship being rocky at the time and mentioned that she believed she’s figured out how to help Bubba through those phases, trying to calm him down.

In June 2020, Bubba’s decision to be vocal about racial inequality in the country was seen as a brave move. However, NASCAR was mired in controversy after a noose was found in his garage at the Talladega Speedway in Alabama. Back then, Amanda stood by her partner and said on social media, “We must continue the conversation; no one is exempt from taking a look at themselves, the fact I date a black man does not exempt me. We all have prejudice and need to take action to change that and prevent it from becoming racism.”

On the show, Amanda also talked about Bubba getting death threats after an FBI investigation into the noose incident ended with no evidence of a hate crime. The couple got engaged in July 2021 while on a trip to Oregon during NASCAR’s break. Later on, Bubba talked about the planning that went into it and the nerves he felt, adding, “I was super nervous because she had no idea, and I worked on it for like three months—trying to find the ring, the cut, clarity, color, and carats — the four C’s of life. I got to study up on all of that. I was doing my research late at night while I was upstairs. Usually, I’m upstairs playing video games.”

Where is Amanda Carter Now?

Amanda and Bubba enjoyed their time together during the pandemic, spending time taking care of their dog, Asher. While the racer talked about how he was apprehensive about Amanda warming up to Asher, the lockdown led to them spending a lot of time together, changing things drastically. The couple seems to live in North Carolina and, from what we can tell, Amanda works for Bank of America as a financial analyst in Charlotte.

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