Where is Anarchist Lily Forester Now?

When an array of individuals come together to establish a free community, the results are historically never as expected — and that’s precisely what HBO’s ‘The Anarchists’ explores as well. This six-part docuseries is thus essentially the tale of a driven anti-governmental movement turned into an unexpected series of events, especially as there were some losses along the way. Amongst these libertarians was fugitive and lucky survivor Lily Forester, so now if you wish to learn more about her as well as her personal experiences over the years, we’ve got the details for you.

Who is Lily Forester?

Lily Forester, real name Miranda Webb, grew up with themes of agorism owing to her familial background and surroundings, but the truth is she only began pursuing such a lifestyle while she was in college. It was actually the severe jaw injury the president of Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) at Kent State University in Ohio sustained from a roller-skating accident that turned her whole world upside down. Her new boyfriend, John Galton, was helping her through it, yet the fact she also had to self-medicate through marijuana to manage her pain truly woke her “up to the state of the world.”

Lily and John eventually decided to relocate to Detroit to lead a complete anarchist way of life within the Fireweed Universe-City community, and it was on their way that they ran into trouble. In the former’s own words, their vehicle was “like the Mary Poppins of weed,” which means they were arrested on several drug-related charges after the police suddenly showed up to search it. The couple was reportedly facing 25-27 years in prison, as per the HBO original, causing them to flee to Mexico as soon as they got bail — they were aware of Anarchapulco and were still determined to follow the path of anarchy.

Where is Lily Forester Now?

Acapulco, Mexico, was seemingly good for Lily (and John) for a while, particularly as she’d learned to utilize her primary, everyday skills as well as her online presence to make a decent living. However, everything changed in early February 2019 with John’s shooting death inside their own home while protecting her — the anarchist voluntaryist paradise had evolved into a violent hellscape. Lily hence canceled the Anarchaforko anarcho-capitalist conference she and her partner had dreamed of heading, went into hiding for a while, and started the process of ensuring she could legally stay in the nation for good.

Coming to her current standing, from what we can tell, although Lily has consciously kept John alive in her heart, she has also healthily moved on with her life to the best of her abilities. The Mexico native is presently involved with artist Cabra Cuerno, has taken up circus arts training to express herself, and continues to develop her knack for homesteading, glassblowing, writing, crocheting, and crafting to freelance as much as possible. Moreover, not only has Lily since launched a personal blog aptly called Highly Functional Growth, but she also handles all the website-related content for Anarchapulco.

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