Where Is Anne Sinclair Now?

‘Room 2806: The Accusation’ is a Netflix original four-part documentary series that examines the 2011 sexual assault case involving French politician Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Sofitel Hotel housekeeper Nafissatou Diallo. On May 14, 2011, DSK was accused of attacking the latter and forcing her to perform oral sex on him after she came into his room to clean up. What followed next was a media frenzy and worldwide coverage that went beyond anyone’s expectations. In the middle of it all, though, the one name that came up the most was that of DSK’s then-wife, Anne Sinclair. So, here’s everything that we know about her.

Who Is Anne Sinclair?

Anne Sinclair, born Anne-Élise Schwartz on July 15, 1948, is an American-born French television and radio presenter. She grew up in a life of luxury, having had Paul Rosenberg, one of France’s and later New York’s biggest art dealer, as her maternal grandfather. And that only set the tone for her later years as well. Anne graduated from the Paris Institute of Political Studies before going on to study law at the University of Paris. And then, she eventually launched her career in media as a radio host. From 1984 to 1997, via her ‘7/7’ weekly political talk show, Anne became one of France’s most-known journalists, conducting interviews with the likes of Prince Charles, Bill Clinton, and Nicolas Sarkozy.

It was during Anne’s time there that she met and fell in love with Dominique Strauss-Kahn. She always knew that he was seductive and a womanizer, but she got attached to him nonetheless because of his ambition, nature, and love of politics. Anne’s profession in itself was something that helped DSK reach new heights in his own, but she gave up on her successful career to be with him full time. No matter how many accusations were thrown at DSK or what came to light about his actions, Anne stood by him through it all, providing him with finance, a PR team, and a support system. That is, until she finally filed for divorce after a federal investigation against him.

Where Is Anne Sinclair Now?

Anne Sinclair had made a come back into the media world in 2008 itself, with the launch of her blog, Two or Three Things from America, which posts daily comments on American and international political news. And in 2012, with the publication of “21 Rue La Boétie,” a book about her grandfather, she became a known name once again. But it wasn’t until 2014, when Anne wrote and published “My Grandfather’s Gallery: A Family Memoir of Art and War,” that she truly stepped back to resume the title of a reporter once again. And now, as per the last reports, she is heading the French edition of the Huffington Post.

As for her love life, as Anne confided to Vanity Fair in 2017, she is now in a loving relationship. “For three years, I have found happiness with a man who, like me, is no longer very young,” she said, referring to French historian Pierre Nora, whom she lives with in France. And just recently, Pierre himself opened up about their bond, saying that they met at a point in their lives when their previous relationships had crumbled in such a way that it threatened to destroy them from the inside out. They were both sad and depressed, but they saved each other. “I am happy,” he added. “Look at the wonderful woman whose life I share.”

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