Where is Bad Vegan’s Anthony Caruana Now?

Revolving around the rise and fall of Sarma Melngailis, who once ran the health haunt Pure Food and Wine restaurant in NYC, Netflix’s ‘Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives.’ is a documentary unlike any other. After all, by utilizing access to her inner circle, text messages, and phone calls (with Anthony Strangis), the four-parter yields a mind-boggling tale of lies, greed, and manipulation. Amongst those interviewed here for the same was Anthony Caruana — a friend of Sarma’s who’s actually homeless — so now, if you wish to find out more about him, we’ve got the details for you.

Who is Anthony Caruana?

Anthony Caruana and Sarma Melngailis first came across one another more than a decade ago, around the same time she adopted her adorable American pit bull, Leon. They’d made eye contact on a seemingly ordinary day while she was walking Leon, yet it turned extraordinary as it led to the start of not just a normal conversation but also a close friendship. While she opened up about who she is and what she does, he revealed why he’s homeless, driving her to often invite him over to her restaurant for lunch as well as keep his clothes in her apartment as the seasons changed.

The primary reason Sarma appeared to have no issues trusting Anthony is that he and Leon had taken a liking to one another, and then there’s also the fact that he always promised to protect her. “She put something into my heart that nobody else ever did,” he said in the Netflix original, adding, “I can’t explain it, I just can’t explain it… Don’t ask me to try [and explain it].”

With that said, even though Anthony did get an eerie feeling when he first encountered Anthony Strangis, he could never really do anything about it because he soon became Sarma’s husband. That’s why, when asked what he would’ve done differently, if he could, with tears in his eyes, he stated, “I would have stuffed that fat bastard in a garbage bag. Put him in a river.”

Where is Anthony Caruana Now?

From what we can tell through his online platforms, Anthony Caruana originally hails from Long Island, but — with just his belongings and vehicle — he now calls Park Avenue, South New York, his permanent home. He was allegedly in the mafia at one point in time, yet now, he only claims to be “the batman of Gramercy Park,” a post he’s been holding onto for about 16 years.

Anthony does have quite an active online presence, but we have to warn you that some of his content is not child-appropriate or safe for work. If you do want to catch up with him on a regular basis, though, he often streams out of his car on his YouTube Channel. As for his friendship with Sarma, although they don’t follow one another on social media, they do still seem to be on good terms, at least. In fact, Anthony had once referred to her and Leon as the two loves of his life — a statement he has seemingly never redacted.

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