Where is Anthony Strangis’s Ex-Wife Stacy Strangis Now?

Netflix’s ‘Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives.’ is a four-part docuseries that actually goes way beyond the baffling aspects that even ‘Tinder Swindler‘ and ‘Inventing Anna‘ presented us with. After all, it includes not just greed and deceit but also alleged promises of pet immortality, claims of ethereal beings, and alleged gaslighting by Anthony Strangis to essentially drain out Sarma Melngailis. So now that we know he had reportedly kind of attempted to do something similar once before as well — with his then-wife Stacy Strangis down in Florida — let’s find out all there’s to know about her, shall we?

Who is Stacy Strangis?

Stacy Strangis is ostensibly a strong and independent woman who always lived a relatively ordinary life, that is, until she met Anthony Strangis in Tampa, Florida, back in 2004. She fell for him hard and fast, which is why, when he told her they “were reincarnated lovers who kept finding our way through time,” she simply went along with it with no troubles. The duo thus tied the knot in Las Vegas within three months of dating and soon started building a life together as well— right alongside Stacy’s daughter from a past relationship, whom he seemed to care about just as much.

There was a point in their union where Anthony allegedly declared that his aunt had died and left him $5 million, which he wanted to utilize by setting up accounts for them as individuals and for her daughter’s college tuition. Of course, this made Stacy incredibly happy, only for the feeling to crash when the check from his aunt never came around, and even Anthony refused to get a job to provide for their family. She then gave birth to their son, just to grow even more worried as her husband remarked how easy it would be to kill an infant with salt without it ever showing up in an autopsy, as per the show.

Stacy never left her children alone with Anthony following this comment, but more importantly, the number of their fights increased to such an extent that he started spending half the time at his father’s place. According to the Netflix production, from convincing her that he was a Navy SEAL officer shot in the line of duty to making her believe demons were after his life to pawning off her jewelry with his father to feed their apparent gambling addiction, he’d already done it all. And then, one day, out of the blue, he basically up and left her with no warning, no note, no nothing, leaving her to raise the two kids on her own.

Where is Stacy Strangis Now?

Because Stacy Strangis had genuinely fallen in love with Anthony, it took her nearly a year before she could find a sense of normalcy again, and then it took a few more before she could truly move on. But once she realized how he’d treated her, she knew he was in the wrong, and that’s the reason she wrote a letter to the judge overseeing Sarma’s case at her request to help her out. “There [are] so many lies to remember,” she penned, as per the docuseries. “I don’t want to remember. The man put me through hell… Anthony robbed me and left me broke with an infant. This man is a danger to society.”

Coming to her current whereabouts, from what we can tell, Stacy resides in Palmetto, Florida, where she has seemingly managed to create a good life for herself and her family as an oral surgical assistant. In other words, upon receiving the proper qualifications from the Concorde Career Institute in Tampa, she now appears glad to be working in the field of dentistry. It seems that she looks perfectly content with where she stands today.

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