Where Is Ashley Taylor From My 600-lb Life Now?

TLC’s ‘My 600-lb Life’ is a series that highlights precisely how big of an issue obesity can be, especially if it gets coupled with other aspects like loneliness, borderline personality disorder, and a tendency to use social media platforms to make up for one’s lack of self-esteem – as was the case with Ashley Taylor, a patient in season 8. But now that it’s been a while since we last saw her, let’s find out whether or not she was able to overcome all her concerns with the help of Iranian-American surgeon Younan Nowzaradan, also known as Dr. Now, shall we?

Ashley Taylor: My 600-lb Life Journey

When then-24-year-old Texas-native Ashley Taylor was introduced to us at the beginning of her episode, she weighed over 600 lbs and struggled with not just her food addiction but also a borderline personality disorder. Ashley’s issues with her weight and food started at the age of three itself. So, by the time she was seven, she tipped the scale at over 200 lbs, doubling it as she reached 14, leading her to be bullied at school.

As if that traumatic experience wasn’t enough, her father abandoned their family when she was little, and later, a neighbor raped her. As a result, Ashley sought solace in food and picked up a few other bad habits. In her episode, Ashley also talked about her catfishing, admitting, “I need to change everything from my food to my profiles, and my catfishing to meet people.” According to her, the fake social media accounts were just another comfort source for her as she has no one to call her own.

While her grandmother passed away when Ashley was 20, the reality star’s mother lives in a specialized epilepsy facility. “I recently got caught impersonating someone on the internet, and I hope people know that I never meant to hurt anyone, that was never my intention,” she revealed. “Had I known that it was going to get out of control like this I would have never done it.”

Where Is Ashley Taylor Now?

When Ashley Taylor visited Dr. Now in Houston, Texas, the surgeon explained that she would need both physical and mental treatment if she wanted to turn over a new leaf and live a healthy life. He gave her a strict diet plan and assigned her to therapist Lola Clay, who further recommended that she attend regular sessions so as to let go of her past and control her mood swings. Ashley accepted the help, no longer fearful of the fact that she was emotionally unstable.

But even after months of hard work, at her final weigh-in, she was at 469 lbs, which was not low enough to be approved for the gastric bypass surgery. However, that did not waiver Ashley’s determination to become a candidate for the procedure in the slightest. Apparently, she is not on any social media platform under her own name, as she left the show vowing never to give up and accomplish her weight goal.

Therefore, we hope that Ashley Taylor fought back to get on the right track. “I’m proud of all that I’ve already been able to accomplish so far,” Ashley said at the end. “I’m not gonna give up, and I’m not gonna fail at this, because there’s a future out there that was supposed to be mine, to begin with, and I gave it up to food…So, I’m fighting to get back what’s mine.”

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