Where is Berny Ferr From Glow Up Now?

Glow Up‘ is a hit British reality show that originally ran on BBC Three and now has been released on Netflix as well. The show pits MUA (makeup artist) against MUA in a series of professional and creative challenges that are designed to bring out their most creative sides even when placed in stressful, high-pressure situations. ‘Glow Up’ Season 2 is hosted by TV presenter Stacey Dooley while makeup industry giants Val Garland and Dominic Skinner make up the panel of judges who critique the MUAs’ work in every round and pick out the one who gets eliminated in every episode.

Competition was much stiffer in Season 2 than in Season 1 and it fell upon the MUAs to set the bar even higher than the first crop of contestants. One of the stronger contestants in this season was Berny Ferr. Read on to find out more about who he is and what he has been up to since ‘Glow Up’.

Who is Berny Ferr?

Berny’s actual name is Bernardo Ferreira. He holds a BA (Hons.) degree in Hair and Makeup in Fashion from London College of Fashion. Berny’s career in makeup happened by complete chance. He had enrolled himself in a fashion photography course but found himself being disenchanted with it, thinking it was not his cup of tea. He then found a media makeup course that looked really interesting and creative and Berny signed up for that. The rest, as we all know, is history.

Even before sending in his application for ‘Glow Up’, Berny had already some good industry experience under his belt. He had been working part-time in Selfridges at a makeup counter. He has also been published in Gay Times Magazine, and also assisted on multiple shoots and even worked backstage at fashion weeks. Berny specializes in fashion editorial style makeup. He also loves to upcycle and uses different waste materials in the looks that he creates.

Berny impressed the judges in the very first episode of ‘Glow Up’ Season 2. He did so well on the professional assignment that he won the chance to assist on an ad campaign for a sportswear brand.

Berny’s time in ‘Glow Up’ was not completely without mistakes and mishaps, though. In one unfortunate incident, Berny is taking an inordinate time to complete the makeup and when judge Skinner asks him what’s taking so long, Berny says that the base is taking time due to his model’s acne-prone skin. And this he said right in front of the model’s face! Berny finished the season in 5th place.

Where is Berny Ferr Today?


Post ‘Glow Up’, Berny has spent most of his time at his father’s place unable to work on live assignments because of the Coronavirus pandemic and the social distancing restrictions. But he has been able to work from home on various brand collaborations and makeup looks for his Instagram page.

In the future, Berny hopes to do more editorial shoots for print and online magazines. He eventually wants to become a creative director, which is ambitious seeing as how that role is usually reserved for stylists and photographers.


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