Beyond Skinwalker Ranch: All Shooting Locations of the Docu-Series

A spin-off of ‘The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch,’ History’s ‘Beyond Skinwalker Ranch’ is a docu-series that follows the Skinwalker team of astrophysicist Dr. Travis Taylor, Brandon Fugal, and Erik Bard and their investigative team of competent professionals who delve deeper into unlocking the secret of the ranch fully. In order to do that and gain a much broader perspective, they add two more influential team members — Andy Bustamante and Paul Beban.

The team then goes after the pieces of evidence of similar phenomena found in other parts of the country. As the investigators explore new analogous sites other than Skinwalker Ranch, questions about the actual filming sites of ‘Beyond Skinwalker Ranch’ are likely to pop into your mind. In that case, you might be interested in what we have to share!

Beyond Skinwalker Ranch: Where Was it Filmed?

‘Beyond Skinwalker Ranch’ is filmed in Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado, especially in Sedona. Principal photography for the debut season of the docuseries seemingly commenced in December 2022. So, let’s follow the Skinwalker team and find out all about the specific locations where they carry out their deep investigation in the History show!

Sedona, Arizona

The production team of ‘Beyond Skinwalker Ranch,’ including Investigators Andy Bustamante and Paul Beban, set up camp in Bradshaw Ranch just outside the desert town of Sedona in Arizona as the Skinwalker team investigates the site. They discovered some dangerous levels of radiation, a strange temperature anomaly, and a UAP on site while shooting the first episode of the inaugural iteration. Located 12 miles outside of Sedona between Hartwell Canyon and Loy Canyon, Bradshaw Ranch was formerly owned by a Hollywood stuntman named Bob Bradshaw who bought the property back in 1960.

For the show, Bradshaw’s son, Mason, was also interviewed and said he had never experienced any paranormal activity near the ranch until after he returned back home from college. He explained, “I really didn’t understand it until after high school. But with the paranormal activity and sighting of aliens and orbs, I never really experienced that until I came back from college and now I see orbs out there all the time. You can see them over Jerome.”


Several key portions of ‘Beyond Skinwalker Ranch’ are also taped in and around Mt. Wilson Ranch. Robert Bigelow, the former owner of the property, claimed that the ranch possessed mysterious and unknown tunnels that lead to a buried UFO. For recording the first season, the filming unit set up camp on the property and investigated if the claims were truthful or not.


In order to lens the third episode of season 1 of ‘Beyond Skinwalker Ranch,’ the production team traveled to Rocky Mountain Ranch in Colorado. Moreover, Andy and Paul also took investigator Katie Paige along with them to check out if the scientific evidence of the property reacted to her presence any differently. You are likely to spot various peaks of the Rocky Mountains in the backdrop, including Longs Peak, Mount Evans, Pikes Peak, and the Spanish Peaks.

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