Where is Beyond The Edge Filmed?

CBS’ ‘Beyond The Edge’ is a reality game show that features several celebrities who try to survive in severe conditions in the wilderness for two weeks. The participating celebrities choose a Charity of their choice before they embark on their survival trip. Unlike most competitive game shows, the show does not have any judges or eliminations. The stars rely on their fellow celebrities in order to survive. The participants can take part in different challenges, but their victory or loss does not affect their presence in the show.

If a celebrity wants to quit the show, they can ring a bell signaling their withdrawal. With every day they stay and every challenge they win, they raise even more money for the charity of their choice. At the end of two weeks, the top two earners compete for the ultimate prize! Sports commentator Mauro Ranallo serves as the host of the show that is set in a dense rainforest packed with poisonous reptiles and other deadly creatures. If you are curious to know where the grueling event takes place, here is everything we know!

Beyond The Edge Filming Locations

‘Beyond The Edge’ is filmed in the harsh jungles of Panama, nestled between Costa Rica and Colombia and bordering the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. As per reports, the first season of the reality show was filmed sometime in September and October of 2021. The celebrities of season 1 stayed in the jungles for two whole weeks, during which the crew documented their adventures and experiences. Here is a deeper dive into the filming experience in the exotic Panamanian jungles.

Bocas del Toro, Panama

Season 1 of ‘Beyond The Edge’ was filmed in Bocas Del Toro province in the Caribbean coast of Panama. It comprises a chain of islands in the Caribbean Sea with three main islands — Isla Colon, Isla Bastimentos, and Isla Carenero. The province is known for its tropical rainforest, indigenous cultures like the Ngöbe and NasoTjerdi, and the serene and picturesque beaches. The region is known for its torrential downpour and scorching heat. Therefore, it is not surprising why the network chose Panama as a filming site.

The jungles in the Bocas del Toro province provide an ideal setup for the show. However, the producers were afraid that it might just be too much. Talking about the conditions while filming the inaugural season of the show, Executive Producer Greg Goldman stated, “The day before we started principal photography, all of the producers looked at each other with the sinking feeling that this celebrity cast might see where they were living for up to two weeks – the harsh jungles of Panama – and just bolt.”

However, the participants of season 1 proved them wrong and gave their best to win as much as they could for charity! Goldman further added, “To the contrary, we were amazed by how these icons pushed themselves to their breaking points, showing incredible mental fortitude and physical tenacity. And all for an incredible cause: to raise money for charities that are near and dear to their hearts.”

Image Credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Despite the harsh living conditions in the lap of mother nature, the celebrities give their all — physically and mentally — and come out at the top! The experience of living in the wild, enduring the torrential rain, blazing heat, and the animals of the wild, proves to be a thrill that provides them with incredible memories and amazing friends.

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