Where Is Cai Leplaw From Byron Baes Now?

Netflix’s ‘Byron Baes‘ provides an authentic view inside the lives of several social media influencers and content creators based out of Byron Bay, Australia. As Byron Bay is a location flocked to by influencers, the show portrays them navigating social and professional lives while dealing with personal issues on a daily basis. Moreover, being a part of a diverse friend circle, the differences in lifestyle, habits, and preferences often lead to altercations and fallouts between the cast members. That coupled with a healthy dose of romance and drama has given the show the popularity it deserves.

Cai Leplaw is an outstanding and well-known photographer based out of Byron Bay. Starting out as an amateur, Cai’s incredible talent for photography soon came into focus, giving him some much-needed exposure. It did not take long for Cai to master the art, and at present, his social media profile stands as a testimony to his brilliance. Additionally, apart from his online fame, Cai has also had his pictures displayed in popular art studios and galleries. As ‘Byron Baes’ is Cai’s first venture into mainstream television, curiosity around the new reality TV star’s life is pretty high. Hence, we decided to dig in and find out where Cai Leplaw is at present.

Where Is Cai Leplaw Now?

The group’s resident professional photographer, Cai, comes across as someone extremely friendly, approachable, and down to earth. He maintains an amicable relationship with most in his friends’ circle and is often the go-to person for professional and personal photoshoots. However, Cai does share a special bond with reality TV star Nathan Favro and strongly encouraged him not to let his chance with Sarah go to waste. Furthermore, when several feuds and altercations began threatening friendships and connections, Cai stayed away from taking sides and instead tried to mediate from a neutral viewpoint. Besides, he was also one of the very few people who wanted Sarah to stay and feel at home even when most other castmates were content with alienating her.

From the looks of it, Cai currently resides in New South Wales and is busy honing his craft for further success. Unfortunately, there is no mention of a romantic someone in his life, but his career keeps passing one milestone after the other as the photographer’s works have been displayed at the Pack Gallery Studio in New South Wales. Moreover, reports even mention that Cai was quick to get into the NFT scene and has a varied collection available for sale. It honestly is incredible to witness Cai achieving success in the job that he loves, and we would like to wish him the very best for the years to come.

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