Where Is Elle Watson From Byron Baes Now?

What does a typical day in the life of an influencer look like? Is it exactly as presented online, or do they have to deal with everyday issues like any other person? How difficult is it for an influencer to balance their professional and personal lives? Netflix’s ‘Byron Baes’ answers all these questions and more as it revolves around a group of influencers and content creators based out of Byron Bay, Australia. With its rolling beaches, outstanding natural beauty, and incredible culture, Byron Bay is considered the Mecca for influencers and content creators alike.

What makes Netflix’s first Australian reality TV show an interesting watch is that it offers a sneak peek into the lives of people living in such an environment, coupled with unadulterated drama and exciting romances. Having a successful corporate job and being an influencer at the same time is pretty stressful and time-consuming. Yet, Elle Watson made such a feat look extremely easy. Initially introduced as Hannah Brauer’s close friend, Elle was shown to be residing with Nathan in Byron Bay while holding a corporate position based out of Luxembourg.

Throughout the show, we also learned about her long-distance relationship and how her partner, Stav, visited the seaside town once every two weeks. Although Elle is initially portrayed as an easy-going person, she grows highly protective of Nathan once he begins showing interest in Sarah, making it seem like she does not want them to end up together. Thus, with Elle contributing significantly to the drama in the show’s inaugural season, we are sure you must be eager to know about her present whereabouts. Let’s find out, shall we?

Where Is Elle Watson Now?

A corporate employee turned influencer, Elle Watson is a longtime resident of Byron Bay. On the show, she seemed to maintain an amicable relationship with most people in her friend circle but shared a special bond with Hannah Brauer. Elle often acted as Hannah’s confidante and even helped her get through her feud with Jessica Johansen-Bell. Although Elle was in a loving relationship with her partner, Stav, he did not seem to mind that she resided with her close friend, Nathan Favro. In fact, Stav also came down to Byron Bay once every fortnight and was accepted as a part of the influencer group.

Living with Nathan made Elle feel really protective of him, and the two even engaged in some harmless flirting. Thus, she was really upset when Nathan showed interest in Sarah and began pursuing her actively. Elle was quite open about her displeasure and did nothing to squash rumors, which alluded that she and Nathan had hooked up. Consequently, those rumors led to Sarah distancing herself from the group and Nathan in due course.

Elle still resides in Byron Bay, although it is unclear if she maintains a bond with her ‘Byron Baes’ castmates. Besides, she is presently employed as the Executive Director at One. Sustainability Fund, an organization she established to fight and address climate change. Although she seems to be currently enjoying a trip to Mexico, viewers will be shocked to know that Elle and Stav are apparently no longer together. The show documented Stav’s proposal, which Elle was only too happy to accept. However, Elle confirmed through a comment on Instagram that they have since parted ways.

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