Where Is Cat Burns From Blown Away Now?

Netflix’s ‘Blown Away’ is one of the best reality competition series to have ever hit the streaming giant, and believe us, we’ve seen a few. In this series, ten of the most skilled glassblowers from all across the globe come together in an attempt to wow the host, the resident evaluator, and a guest judge over the course of, you guessed it, ten different themed challenges. In the end, the one who manages to beat all the odds gets to walk away with the title of “Best in Blow,” a grand prize of $60,000, and an artist residency at the Corning Museum of Glass in New York. But even if one doesn’t win, the exposure surely helps, as it seems to be the case with season 2’s Cat Burns.

Who Is Cat Burns?

Cat Burns, a production glassblower, fell in love with glass art the moment she realized that it was possible to use fire to create something beautiful and delicate, instead of letting the element be wielded as just a source of pure annihilation and destruction. Thus, she earned two different associate degrees in Glass Fine Art and in Glass Craft and Design from Salem Community College in Carneys Point, New Jersey. Then, Cat worked as an assistant for a few esteemed glass artists in Philadelphia and taught a range of classes all across America before going her own way.

Eventually, this path led her to apply for ‘Blown Away’ season 2, which gave her a platform to express herself as an artist to the best of her abilities. Cat showcased just how much her craft and profession mean to her throughout the season, which consequently carried her pieces, leading to a couple of challenge wins and an ultimate spot in the finale. In the end, though, despite the fact that Cat gave it her all, her beautifully intricate mental health installation was just slightly upped by Elliot Walker’s esteem piece, resulting in his win and her being the runner-up. But it all worked out for Cat.

Where Is Cat Burns Now?

After years of working as a full-time assistant and teaching classes at East Falls Glass Works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and The Studio in Corning, New York, Cat Burns is currently in line for a residency at the Corning Museum of Glass. The museum, which exhibits a glass collection spanning 3000 years, has mentioned on its official website that Cat was to hold the residency position from 2020 itself, but, unfortunately, it got postponed because of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Therefore, Cat is currently utilizing her time by creating, showcasing, and selling her original artwork through mediums such as her own website and Etsy. Her pieces have also been sold through the Corning Museum of Glass, the Princeton Museum of Art, Hudson Beach Glass, and the Arts Council. Moreover, Cat used to adopt her art as a conduit for traveling worldwide, but even that has been restricted for the last year or so. However, all this is not to say that she is still not enjoying welcoming others into her community via live streams and online classes.

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