Raid the Cage: All Shooting Locations of the CBS Series

Based on the eponymous Israeli series, CBS’ ‘Raid the Cage’ is a reality game TV series that pits together two teams of two who go head-to-head to grab-and-go prizes from the Cage in a limited time before the doors close and the opportunity gets lost. With each correctly answered question, the team gets additional seconds to their clock, allowing them more time and chances to grab rewards from the Cage. Once the three rounds are done and dusted, the team with the highest total dollar value in prizes wins the game.

Apart from keeping what they have grabbed throughout the game, the winning team also gets an opportunity to play the final round for even bigger prizes like a car. The CBS’ adaptation features hosts Damon Wayans Jr. and Jeannie Mai Jenkins who elevate the entertainment factor of the show even more with their charming and lively presence. Since the competition takes place indoors, you might be interested in knowing where ‘Raid the Cage’ is filmed. In that case, we have got you covered!

Raid the Cage Filming Locations

‘Raid the Cage’ is filmed in Mexico, particularly in Mexico City. According to reports, production on the inaugural iteration of the reality series got underway in August 2023 and wrapped up by the end of the same month. Now, without wasting any time, let’s find out all about the specific location where the contestants compete to take home the rewards they grabbed in the CBS show!

Mexico City, Mexico

The shooting for many pivotal sequences of ‘Raid the Cage,’ including all of the debut season, takes place in Mexico City, the capital of Mexico situated in the Valley of Mexico. To be specific, the production team seemingly utilizes the facilities of one of the film studios to tape most of the key portions as they build a modern working set surrounded by lights, which change multiple times during the show as and when required. The capital is home to a number of film studios, including one of the oldest and largest movie studios in Mexico — Estudios Churubusco.

Not only is Mexico City the hub of Mexico’s film industry, but it is also home to almost all the post-production facilities in the country. This seemingly plays a huge role in the filming unit of ‘Raid the Cage’ choosing to shoot the series in Mexico City. Moreover, the capital has a rich cultural history, which means there are plenty of historical monuments and attractions across the city. Some of the notable ones include the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Palacio de Mineria, Museo de Arte Moderno, and the Carrillo Gil Museum.

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