Where is Celebrity Wheel of Fortune Filmed?

Image Credit: Christopher Willard/ABC

A spin-off of ‘Wheel of Fortune,’ ABC’s ‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’ is a reality game television series created by Merv Griffin that takes a new spin on the classic game show. It focuses on different celebrities who are brought to spin the world’s most famous wheel, solve some complicated word puzzles, and get a chance to get their hands on the grand cash prize of $1 million. Instead of taking it home with them, all the money that the celebrity contestants win goes to a charity of their own choice.

Apart from the fact that the celebrities on every episode keep the viewers hooked to the series, the hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White also play a part in keeping things entertaining and exciting for them. In the meanwhile, the familiar setting and the indoor stage, where the celebrity contestants spin the wheel of fortune, leave one wondering where exactly ‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’ is shot. If you are caught up with the same thought, allow us to get rid of your curiosity once and for all!

Celebrity Wheel of Fortune Filming Locations

‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’ is filmed in California, especially in Los Angeles County. While the inaugural iteration of the game show was shot in December 2020, the third round was recorded between the months of August, September, and October 2022. With that said, here are all the details regarding the specific locations that appear in the ABC series!

Los Angeles County, California

The shooting for a majority of ‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’ takes place in Los Angeles County, with the eponymous city being its county seat as well as the entertainment capital of the world. In particular, the production team possibly make the most of the facilities of Sony Pictures Studio, Stage 11, to be specific, the same stage where ‘Wheel of Fortune’ is shot. Situated at 10202 West Washington Boulevard in Culver City, the film studio complex is known to consist of some of the largest and most versatile sound stages accommodating different kinds of film or TV projects.

Two out of the 18 sound stages are audience-rated TV stages with support space, which are perfect for shows like ‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune.’ Apart from that, Sony Pictures Studio is also home to various on-lot locations, including Calley Park, Main Street’s regional facades, and Fish Alley, which have been featured in TV shows, commercials, and even feature films. Over the years, Los Angeles County has hosted the production of a number of reality shows. ‘Hell’s Kitchen,’ ‘Celebrity Big Brother,’ ‘Big Brother: Over the Top,’ and ‘The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart’ are some of the notable examples.

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