Where is Chrystal From My 600-lb Life Now?

TLC’s ‘My 600-lb Life’ is a series that chronicles inspirational tales of morbidly obese individuals who’ve decided to take on the challenge of changing their lifestyle so as to lead a healthier and safer life. To help them in this transformative journey, Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, also known as Dr. Now, provides them with a tailor-made program that, if followed, will enable them to shed enough weight to get approved for the high-risk bariatric surgery. Of course, because of the constant hard work, while some crash and burn, others, like Crystal Rollins from season 9, flourish. So, let’s find out how she’s faring today, shall we?

Chrystal Rollins: My 600-lb Life Journey

At the age of 39, we first met Chrystal Rollins while she resided in Spring Valley, San Diego, California. And from the very beginning, she showed just how ready she was to lose weight and become a better mother to her two daughters, Ivoriana and Tatiana. Needing to be on oxygen at all times because of the strain the 611 lbs put on her lungs, combined with her asthma, high blood pressure, and congestive heart failure, even walking around and doing daily chores was almost impossible for Chrystal. Thus, she relied heavily on her daughters.

However, that’s not to say that Chrystal didn’t understand the dilemma she had landed herself into – she knew food was her addiction, and she knew why. As an only child of a single mother who worked graveyard shifts, the only time Chrystal had with her was when they ate together. So, meals became their thing, even when the then-toddler had already eaten. By the time Chrystal was 7, she’d become dependent on food, tipping the scales at over 80 lbs. Things got worse when her mother remarried. After all, her step-father molested her.

Because Chrystal had told her mother about the assault and felt as if she wanted her to hide it, food became her only source of safety and comfort. Having subsequently moved in with her grandmother, Chrystal kept eating throughout high school, so by the time she graduated, she weighed 420 lbs. Although the Californian native became independent in the years that followed, she found herself in two abusive relationships, the latter one with both her daughters’ father. But in the end, Chrystal moved back closer to her mother and half-brother, Josh.

The familial relationships had improved over the years. Therefore, when Chrystal realized that she couldn’t work anymore because of her size and needed help to look after her daughters and herself, her family provided for her with no holdbacks. In fact, Josh even moved halfway across the country with her when Chrystal settled on the fact that she desperately needed Dr. Now to guide her in turning her life around. And so, as a unit, Chrystal, her daughters, and her half-brother packed up their stuff for good and made the three-day drive to Houston, Texas.

Where is Chrystal Rollins Now?

Due to her dependency on supplemental oxygen and food, combined with her childhood trauma, Dr. Now gave Chrystal Rollins a clear route of 200 calories a day, exercises, and therapy to help control her weight and bring it down to a reasonable enough number. And because of her willingness to follow the rigorous process and continuously work with psychotherapist Matthew Paradise, Chrystal was down to 498 lbs in just eight months, having lost an astounding 114 lbs. She even had a difficult conversation with Josh about what his father did to her as a child, clearing the air for once and for all.

Dr. Now himself was very impressed with Chrystal’s achievement, so not only did he give her the green light for the weight-loss assist surgery, but he even said he was proud of her. However, the only issue was that medical exams showed her lungs still needed some more respite before they could handle going under anesthesia. Yet, Dr. Now was optimistic when he told Chrystal that if she kept going the way she was, it’d be just a few more months before she’d be ready to go under the knife, meaning that she’d be able to reach her target weight goal in the next 12-18 months.

“I’m not letting anything get in my way… because I am intent as can be to do this and get to my goal,” Chrystal said towards the end of her episode. “So much has been sacrificed by my family and me to do this, and I’m not going to let that go to waste at all by messing this up.” And from the looks of her Facebook, it seems like she has stayed true to her words. Not only does Chrystal Rollins appear to have continued her weight loss journey, but it looks like she no longer needs supplemental oxygen as she once did. Whether or not she received the bariatric surgery, though, is still in the air.

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