Where is Cillas Givens From My 600-lb Life Now?

‘My 600-Lb Life’ chronicles the inspiring stories of morbidly obese individuals who take matters into their own hands and decide to turn their lives around. In their journey towards good health, they are assisted by Doctor Younan Nowzaradan or Dr. Now, who customizes their programs and helps them get ready for the weight loss surgery. Cillas Givens, who appeared on season 7 of the show, went through a tremendous change and awed viewers with his success story. Let’s find out where this inspirational person is today, shall we?

Cillas Givens: My 600-lb Life Journey

Cillas had an extremely difficult childhood as he was left alone and not given the love a child needs. This affected him and took a toll on his physical and mental health. Cillas then turned to food which comforted him, though his food addiction spelled doom for his health as he started gaining weight. A few years down the line, Cillas met Jessica and immediately felt a connection with her. They soon started dating and Jessica’s three children, from her previous relationship, got close to Cillas as well.

Unfortunately, Cillas’ weight gain continued, and so did his dependency on food. Cillas wanted to turn his life around but could not get himself to do so. Gradually, he got bedridden, dependent on oxygen, and lost his ability to move. That is when Cillas understood that he has to get his life back on track if he wanted a long and happy life with his family. He realized that his enormous weight was also affecting the people he loved. Unwilling to put his family through further inconvenience, Cillas decided to talk to Dr. Now and undergo the weight loss surgery.

By the time Cillas approached Dr. Now, he weighed a staggering 729 pounds. Throughout his treatment, he showed hard work, resilience, and a strong will that made him stick to the program no matter how hard things got. Though Cillas struggled at first, he soon got the hang of things and managed to lose a massive 388 pounds by the end of the episode. Cillas was recommended for the surgery by Dr. Now, and he even got engaged to Jessica. His life took a turn for the better after his tremendous transformation.

Where Is Cillas Givens Now?

All signs point to the fact that Cillas Givens has kept up with his journey towards healthy living. He currently works as a supervisor at ContactUS Communications and lives in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Fans would be overjoyed to know that Cillas and Jessica got married in March 2019, following their adorable proposal. The couple lives together along with Jessica’s daughters, who share a close bond with Cillas.

Image Credit: Jessica Erin Givens/Facebook

His social media profile is full of beautiful memories spent with his family and stands witness to his astonishing weight loss journey. Along with fighting for a healthy life, it looks like Cillas even took to working out and is now trying to get into shape and build up his body.

Image Credit: Cillas Givens/Facebook

Cillas and Jessica also founded a Facebook group called “Let’s Get Healthy,” through which they try to inspire other people to lose weight and get their lives into order. Though Cillas prefers to keep his personal life under wraps, it seems like he has been enjoying life with his family and is well on the road to being healthy. Cillas’ never-give-up attitude inspires us, and we wish him all the very best for the coming future.

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