Where Is City on a Hill Filmed?

‘City on a Hill’ is a crime drama television series that revolves around the veteran FBI officer, Jackie Rohr, and newly arrived District Attorney Decourcy Ward in early 90s Boston. The two agents band together to investigate a series of car robberies in Charlestown, Boston, taking them deeper into the city’s labyrinth of crime and corruption. Naturally, the show’s early 90s backdrop and appropriately matching setting are bound to make one curious about the locations used in the show. If you are looking for the details on the same, allow us to share them with you!

City on a Hill Filming Locations

‘City on a Hill’ is set in Boston of the 1990s, and its history plays an important role in the show. The era-appropriate depiction of Boston seen in the show is thanks to the production crew’s decision to film on location in Boston, Massachusetts. However, the primary location for filming is New York, and most of the show’s production takes place in the city. Let’s take a detailed look at the show’s filming locations!

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is the capital of Massachusetts and the primary setting of the show. Filming of the show partially takes place in the city, mostly on location. In the show’s first season, a few scenes featuring vintage cars were filmed at Beach Street as well as John F Fitzgerald Surface Rd in Boston. Filming of key sequences also took place at the Boston City Hall located at 1 City Hall Square #500, Boston, MA 02201.

For season 2 of ‘City on a Hill,’ scenes were also filmed at The Massachusetts State House located at 24 Beacon St, Boston, MA 02133, and the building appears as it is in the show. Additionally, exterior shots are filmed in Chinatown and Financial District, Boston.

Steiner Studios, New York

Steiner Studios, located in Brooklyn Navy Yard precisely at 15 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, is the show’s primary filming location. It is safe to say most of the production on the show, filming and otherwise, is based out of the studio complex. The show’s interior scenes are filmed on sets built at the production facility, which is spread over 20 acres and consisting of 17 sound stages. The facility was established in 2004 and has been home to popular productions such as ‘Spider-Man 3,’ ‘Men in Black 3,’ and ‘Sex and the City 2.’

Westchester County, New York

The show’s cast and crew shoot scenes at various locations within the Westchester County of New York, which stands-in for Boston neighborhoods seen in the show. The locations are changed slightly or transformed entirely by the crew to aesthetically match the 90s setting. New Rochelle and White Plains are the two of the most important areas in the county used for filming the show.

Some of the scenes in the first two seasons were filmed in the Hudson Park area of New Rochelle, including the Dudley’s Parkview Restaurant (aka The Waters Grill) located at 94 Hudson Park Road. The crew also filmed scenes in the South Broadway and Mamaroneck Avenue parts of the county for season 2. Additionally, scenes for season 2 were filmed outside the Michaelian Office Building located at 148 Martine Ave, White Plains, and the American Express Office on William Street in White Plains.

Other Locations in New York

A few sequences in the second season were also filmed in the Bronx neighborhood of New York City, located just south of Westchester County, specifically at the E 229th St and E 229th Dr S, Bronx. Other parts of the neighborhood have also likely been utilized to shoot some scenes. Filming also occurs in Staten Island, including at 75 Vanderbilt Avenue, Staten Island, and in and around Tappen Park on Bay Street.

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