Class of ’07: Where Was the Australian Series Filmed?

Created by Kacie Anning, Amazon Prime’s ‘Class of ’07’ is an Australian comedy series that revolves around a group of former classmates who meet each other after a decade, during the ten-year reunion of the all-girls high school, Ridge Heights Catholic Ladies College. However, their fun reunion is interrupted and turned upside down when an apocalyptic tidal wave crashes the party. Now, the group of women must stick together, despite their differences, in order to survive on the island peak of their flooded campus.

As the inter-connected decade-old drama between the women resurfaces, they are forced to survive not just the apocalypse but also each other’s company. Starring Emily Browning, Megan Smart, Caitlin Stasey, Claire Lovering, and Sarah Krndija, almost the entirety of the comedy show unfolds on the flooded campus of the all-girls high school, surrounded by nothing but the open waters, as far as the eye can see. While the exteriors portray the apocalyptic situation, the interior of the school is the setting of many internal dramas and arguments between the women. So, it is natural for you to be curious about the filming sites of ‘Class of ’07.’ Luckily for you, we have gathered all the necessary details regarding the same!

Class of ’07 Filming Locations

‘Class of ’07’ is filmed in Australia, particularly in and around Sydney. According to reports, principal photography for the debut season of the apocalyptic comedy series commenced in mid-December 2021 and wrapped up in March 2022. Now, without further ado, let us take you to all the specific locations where the apocalyptic drama is filmed!

Sydney, Australia

The production team of ‘Class of ’07’ sets up camp in New South Wales’s capital city, Sydney, and builds the right ambiance for portraying the apocalyptic world portrayed throughout the show. First and foremost, The International College of Management at 151 Darley Road in Manly serves as the primary production location for the Amazon Prime series and doubles as the fictional Ridge Heights Catholic Ladies College where all the drama unfolds, from the tidal apocalypse to the fight for survival.

While most of the exterior scenes are lensed in the above-mentioned site, the interior scenes involving the boarding houses and halls are shot in Sancta Sophia College at 8 Missenden Road in Camperdown. As for the exterior water scenes, they are taped on location using the premise of The Sydney International Regatta Centre at Gate A, Old Castlereagh Road in Castlereagh, near Penrith. The filming unit of ‘Class of ’07’ constructs the external sets and does all the water work, like submerging sets and making boat rigs, in order to shoot the scenes with the actresses on and in the water.

Many other flooded high school campus scenes are recorded in The Sydney International Regatta Centre, including the submerged rotunda pergola rescue scene in the first episode of season 1. Moreover, the submerged tennis court and sports field scenes are shot on location and enhanced further with VFX. Apart from ‘Class of ’07,’ Sydney has hosted the production of a number of film and TV projects over the years. Some of the notable ones are ‘Babyteeth,’ ‘Holy Smoke,’ ‘Age of Consent,’ ‘Muriel’s Wedding,’ ‘Roar,’ and ‘Colin from Accounts.’

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