Clayton MacKinnon: Intervention Cast Member’s Life After Recovery

Intervention’ aired on March 6, 2005, and has since become a long-running program that showcases real-life stories of individuals struggling with addiction. Created by Sam Mettler, the show helps families and friends stage interventions and guide addicted individuals toward the path of recovery. The show is hosted by a professional interventionist who guides the process and offers support to the addict throughout their recovery journey. Even though it has been criticized for its unnecessary focus on drama, it remains popular with viewers, and it has helped to raise awareness of addiction and the importance of intervention.

In the eighteenth episode of season 22, which aired on July 12, 2021, viewers follow Clayton on his journey to recovery. He faces numerous challenges and hurdles, but with unwavering dedication, the intervention team’s support, and his family’s encouragement, he strives to overcome these obstacles and work towards a brighter future. If you want to know what he is up to these days, we have all the details for you!

Clayton MacKinnon’s Intervention Journey

Born to Debbie and Greg Mackinnon, Clayton was raised in New Westminster, British Columbia. His father was a skilled carpenter who built the family’s home, where Clayton spent his childhood alongside his siblings, Rodney and Nicole. As the youngest child in the family, Clayton was known for his playful nature and strong attachment to his brother, Rodney.

The family’s troubles escalated when Clayton’s parents began to engage in heated arguments and conflicts, leading to the children staying up late at night, listening to the tumultuous disputes. Eventually, Clayton’s father left their home, a moment that marked the beginning of a challenging period for the family. His mother initiated divorce proceedings and relocated the children to a new environment near Lake Cowichan, further removing them from their father’s life. It wasn’t until Lisa’s graduation that the pieces of the puzzle fell into place for the children, revealing that their father was experiencing gender dysphoria and had come to identify as a woman.

Lisa’s identity had a profound impact on Clayton and Rodney, leading them down a destructive path. Both brothers turned to drug use, which quickly spiraled into a serious issue. Clayton, in particular, began engaging in troublesome behavior, resorting to theft and break-ins. His actions culminated in a serious incident when he robbed a gun store, which ultimately landed him in jail.

After serving a one-year sentence, Clayton endeavored to turn his life around. He secured employment in Alberta and devoted himself to hard work. During one of his breaks, he returned to Lake Cowichan, where he met a woman and entered into a romantic relationship with her. Shortly thereafter, she became pregnant, and in 2003 Clayton became a proud and ecstatic father to Avery. During this period, he was fully committed to maintaining his newfound positive trajectory and did not entertain the idea of faltering.

On May 1, 2014, Rodney disappeared in the forest near Lake Cowichan, and tragically, his lifeless body was discovered on May 22, 2014. Rodney, who was also struggling with substance abuse issues, had been in an intoxicated state during this period and was unable to take care of himself, ultimately succumbing to the harsh conditions of the wilderness. This devastating loss had a profound impact on Clayton, leading to a significant escalation in his own drug use. He resorted to using substances like heroin and crystal meth again, causing his life to spiral further out of control.

As a consequence, Clayton’s relationship ended, and he lost custody of Avery. He reached a point where he felt utterly devoid of the motivation to recover, and he found himself residing with his mother while persistently in the grip of addiction. Clayton’s substance abuse had escalated to life-threatening levels, resulting in two heroin overdoses. One of these overdoses occurred during the filming of his intervention episode, prompting the producers to swiftly administer a drug similar to Narcan to revive him.

Recognizing the urgency and severity of Clayton’s situation, his family, with the assistance of Jesse Hanson, organized an intervention. The discussion was emotionally charged and laden with familial tensions, to the extent that Clayton found it difficult to engage in a meaningful conversation, particularly with Lisa. However, through persistent pleas and heartfelt reminders of his daughter Avery, he was ultimately convinced to embark on the path to recovery.

Where is Clayton MacKinnon Now?

Clayton took the vital step of entering the Last Door Recovery Centre for detoxification, and the producers of the season extended their support by offering him the opportunity to continue his treatment at Freedom From Addiction in Aurora, Ontario. Clayton accepted this assistance and diligently completed a 90-day treatment program. As of August 15, 2018, he has maintained his sobriety.

While there isn’t much information available about Clayton’s personal life post-recovery, we can hope that he has successfully maintained his sobriety and is approaching the five-year mark of living a drug-free life. Clayton has demonstrated a strong work ethic in the past, so it’s possible that he has found employment that keeps him occupied and focused on his well-being. Above all, our wish is that he has been able to reunite with his daughter and is currently leading a fulfilling and joyful life together with her.

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