Where is Corey Scott Now?

Image Credit: CBS Sunday Morning/YouTube/Eddie Gallagher

In a dramatic court case that seemed to be right out of a movie, Eddie Gallagher was acquitted of most of the charges against him after a fellow Navy Seal suddenly admitted to killing the Iraqi prisoner of war. Corey Scott claimed that although he was responsible for killing the prisoner, he did so to save the prisoner from torture at Iraqi hands. Apple TV+’s ‘The Line’ portrays the astonishing trial and shows how a shock confession helped Eddie Gallagher walk free. Let’s take a detailed look at the case and find out where Corey Scott is at present, shall we?

Who Is Corey Scott?

Corey Scott was a Special Operator 1st Class and a SEAL team medic who was deployed alongside Eddie Gallagher in Iraq in 2017. He was a part of Eddie’s platoon and was a first-hand witness to the incidents that took place on the battlefield. Being a medic, he was the one who tended to the Iraqi war prisoner, whose murder Eddie was accused of later. The accusations against Eddie were numerous, with the most prominent being the alleged murder of an Iraqi prisoner of war.

The decorated Navy Seal was also accused of being reckless with his sniper rifle, and some of his platoon mates alleged that he shot at unarmed civilians. Eddie, however, immediately addressed the accusations and denied them outright, claiming they were made by disgruntled soldiers who did not like his command. Still based on the allegations, Eddie was arrested in 2018 and faced charges of attempted murder, premeditated murder, and obstruction of justice.

Where Is Corey Scott Now?

Corey Scott was supposed to be the prosecution’s key witness and testify against Eddie at his 2019 trial. Once he took the stand, he was offered an immunity deal; he put forward a shocking confession that turned the trial on its head. Corey stated was the one who took the prisoner’s life. The medic explained that the prisoner of war’s health was already failing, and his added injuries did nothing but increase the pain. Thus, as a form of mercy killing and not wanting the man to get tortured further by Iraqi forces, Corey asphyxiated him to death.

With Corey’s revelation, Eddie was acquitted of most charges and was only held guilty for posing with the corpse. However, with Corey being handed an immunity deal before his confession, the medic was never charged for his crime. But in the wake of this, reports mention that he may be court-martialed owing to a possible perjury charge.

However, with no reports on the court-martial at present, it seems like the charges are yet to be pressed. With everything going on in his life, it is natural that Corey would want to live under the radar at present. That, coupled with no current reports on the Navy Seal, makes his current whereabouts quite unclear.

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