Where is Dance 100 Filmed?

Netflix’s ‘Dance 100’ is a British reality dance competition show that brings together eight talented and raw choreographers who go head-to-head against one another in a fierce dance-off to become the next superstar choreographer. Each contestant must use 100 of the world’s best dancers, The Dance 100, to create, choreograph, and perform various dance numbers in groups. Following the performances, The Dance 100 act as judges and decide who goes home and who goes to the next round.

For the finale, the final two remaining choreographers are to choreograph an explosive street dance performance with the help of all 100 dancers at their disposal. Hosted by the famed Peloton instructor Ally Love, the show doesn’t only allow dancers to take the next step in their careers but also an opportunity to take home the grand cash prize of $100,000. Since almost the entire competition takes place on a stage, with dancers flooding the floor with their dance moves, it is tough for the viewers to guess where ‘Dance 100’ is filmed. Well, no need to guess anymore because we are here to eliminate your curiosity!

Dance 100 Filming Locations

‘Dance 100’ is filmed in England, specifically in London. Principal photography for the inaugural iteration of the dance show reportedly commenced in early April 2022 and wrapped up in May of the same year. So, let’s not waste time and get a detailed account of the specific locations where the dancers show off their skills in an epic dance battle in the Netflix show!

London, England

Most of ‘Dance 100’ is lensed around London, the capital of England, and the United Kingdom, London. The production team utilizes a few streets across the city to record some pivotal exterior scenes for the series. As for most of the interior sequences, they are taped in LH2 Studios, which is where the bulk of the reality series is shot. Situated on Concord Road in London, it is a purpose-built rehearsal space, with the main studio being 1,386 square meters in area and 18 meters in height.

Although the studio is mainly used to provide a rehearsal space for musicians, it can also be used as a stage to host a dance show such as ‘Dance 100,’ thanks to the space and features that the studio offers. Besides this show, LH2 Studios has also hosted the production of other reality shows, such as ‘The Voice UK’ and ‘The X Factor.’ London is also home to several dance schools, including the Central School of Ballet, London Contemporary Dance School, Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance, and the BRIT School.

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