Where is Dark Desire Filmed?

The universality of television shows and movies can often be measured by how human relationships are depicted on them. This is especially true of foreign movies and TV shows. By doing so, one would notice that most stories are universal because human relationships do not really change. The same can be said for ‘Dark Desire,’ a Mexican show on Netflix that follows the known erotic thriller premise to deliver an edge-of-the-seat tale that is high on intensity. The show is titled ‘Oscuro Deseo’ in Spanish.

The Mexican production focuses on the character of Alma Solares. Solares is shown to be an intellectual lawyer and a prominent college professor. Despite that, she acts differently from her beliefs when she visits a best friend who has undergone a divorce. In a marriage that has lost its spark herself, Solares meets a man named Dario Guerra. She chooses to have a passionate and sexual affair with him.

When Solares returns home, she wishes to forget her affair. However, she finds Dario in her class! What began as a one-off affair soon turns into a deadly obsession threatening to ruin multiple lives. The character of Alma is played by Maite Perroni. Some other projects that she has been a part of include ‘El Juego de las Llaves,’ ‘Herederos por Accidente,’ ‘Infidel,’ and ‘The Stray Cat.’ The character od Dario is essayed by Alejandro Speitzer. Some productions that he has been a part of are ‘The Club,’ ‘‘The Queen of the South,’ ‘Someone Has to Die,’ and ‘I Like It But It Scares Me.’

Dark Desire Filming Locations

‘Dark Desire’ is a Mexican production about an extra-marital affair. The story is one that could be set anywhere in the world really. Hence, the setting does not seem to play that much of a role on the show. Yet, it is natural for viewers to wonder where the series was filmed.

Mexico City, Mexico

‘Dark Desire’ was actually filmed in Mexico, the place where it is produced. To be more precise, filming was carried out in Mexico City, according to IMDb. Unfortunately, information regarding the specific locations within Mexico City where filming was carried out has been rare. Hence, we cannot tell where exactly in Mexico City filming took place.

New York

Filming wasn’t limited to Mexico however. There are reports that filming also took place in New York.

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