Where Is DeMarcus Family Rules Filmed? Where Is DeMarcus’s House Located?

Reality TV has been gaining more and more traction as time has been going on, especially now that we are all stuck at home due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. No one can deny that one of the major appeals of reality TV is the fact that we as an audience are driven by the desire to intrude in other people’s lives and see their most private and embarrassing moments, but the other aspect that most people tend to forget is that we are also driven by empathy and compassion, which, in the end, is what makes us stick to a show.

To satisfy both these needs, Netflix has come out with ‘DeMarcus Family Rules,’ a goofy reality TV series that gives us a look into the day-to-day family life of a married couple – musician Jay DeMarcus and former beauty queen Allison DeMarcus. They write their own separate family rules and run the house in the same way, which, of course, leads to a lot of chaos and banter. Ultimately, though, their different ways work, and with the perfect balance of both fun and rigidity, their family ends up being happy.


DeMarcus Family Rules Filming Locations

The way we saw Jay and Allison DeMarcus live – boldly and a little over the top – made us curious to know about where exactly they were from. Of course, we saw their massive estate, thanks to Jay being a musician, but, there were some other filming locations as well. So, we’ve compiled a list of the places where the show was shot, and you can add them to your Tennessee bucket list.

Nashville, Tennessee

Since the series revolves around the DeMarcus Family, it is no surprise that most of the filming was done inside their home in Nashville, Tennessee. As a country musician – the bassist of a band called Rascal Flatts – Jay DeMarcus had to have a base: somewhere where his music and family could be perfectly balanced. And, what better place for that than Nashville, after all, it is a city where both creativity and interpersonal connections are of utmost importance.

Everything from the birthday parties to their meetings to their social gathers were conducted on their 10,700 square feet estate, so it was filmed there as well. Even the camera interviews were held inside a room of their home, which is located in downtown Nashville, inside the gated community of Northumberland. Apart from this, Nashville golf courses and other places like Green Hills Grille (a restaurant), Nashville Humane (an animal protection organization), and Blend Bar with Davidoff Cigars made a feature as well. The only exception of this filming location was when the family either went out for camping in episode 2 or went on a road trip in episode 4.


Jackson, Tennessee

Jackson, Tennessee, is Allison DeMarcus’s hometown – a place where she grew up and spent most of her time. So, of course, it was only fair for it to be featured on the show as well. And, since her mother, Miss Jane, was being honored by the West Tennessee Health Care Foundation for her volunteer services in that area, the timing was perfect. Therefore, in episode 4, the family packed their bags and traveled to Jackson to support her as she got the recognition she deserved. We only saw a glimpse of the city through the eyes of Jay DeMarcus and James Otto, but it was still amazing to see.


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