Where is Cam Model Destiny Benedict Now?

Netflix’s ‘The Most Hated Man on the Internet’ is a three-part docuseries that focuses on Hunter Moore and his notorious website. Between 2010 and 2012, he ran a site where people would upload intimate pictures of others without their permission. Not just that, the website provided details of the person whose images were uploaded. Destiny Benedict, a cam model, got pulled into the website after an unfortunate turn of events and shared her story on the show. So, if you’re wondering how she’s doing today, here’s what we know.

Who is Destiny Benedict?

On the show, Destiny Benedict said she was 19 when she first met Hunter Moore. At the time, she felt he was compelling and wanted to get noticed by him. Destiny thought that he had a way of getting others to do what he wanted. As a 19-year-old, she wanted to move out of her mother’s house and be more independent, be on her own. So, Destiny stated that one of her friends suggested she do webcam modeling.

Over time, Destiny began making enough money to support herself and her children. Then, at some point, another friend told her about Hunter’s website, and she felt that being featured there would help drive traffic to her cam modeling gig. So, Destiny sent her nude images soon after. As per the show, sometime later, she was on a webcam chat with some friends, and they dared her to insert something in her anus. One of them took a screenshot and then posted it on Hunter’s website.

Destiny later realized that her Facebook details were posted too, and her images included those of her children. On the show, Destiny wondered why she didn’t remove those images despite knowing what Hunter’s website did. She stated that she didn’t think about it back then. When Hunter didn’t agree to take down her children’s photos, Destiny felt that the only way to convince him would be to post more pictures. So, she decided to do what Hunter asked, bringing more attention to her in the process.

However, given Destiny’s association with Hunter’s website, she mentioned that her children’s fathers didn’t feel comfortable anymore. They thought that the kids would be better off without her in their lives. This resulted in Destiny going through depression and drinking a lot, as per the show. During one such instance, she was on a Skype call with Hunter, who asked her to do something similar to what she did initially. She agreed despite not being comfortable, and Hunter recorded it without her consent.

Where is Destiny Benedict Today?

Destiny mentioned on the show that the video got posted online and hit more than a million views, but she never got paid for it. In the end, Hunter Moore was sent to federal prison after taking a plea deal, and Destiny seems to have moved on with her life. Originally from Sacramento, California, she currently lives in the same state and is an online adult content creator. Destiny is an animal lover who lost a cat recently and adopted another one after that. Going by social media posts, Destiny seems to have reconnected with her children.

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